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Pre-Order BOLIVAR BLUES Sergio's first Release in 5 Years!

Hello Friends! Excitement in abundance! BOLIVAR BLUES is Sergio's first release in 5 Years! Taking Pre-Orders October 6, thru October 20! Big thanks to good friend Ted Jones aka RAGS. He's giving us POET, SOLDIER, WISE MAN, KING to offer as a Bonus CD (Bonus = Free). It will be included in the special Pre-Order Offers. * Great Deals! Pre-Order Special Offers! October 6 thru October 20th! Ordering information here: http://sergiowebb.bigcartel.com/ *Double Play Special Offer: New Album Release BOLIVAR BLUES plus POET, SOLDIER, WISE MAN, KING as Bonus CD. Two CDs for $15.00 bucks plus shipping & handling. How's that for a Deal!!! *Triple Play Special Offer: BOLIVAR BLUES & LONG GREEN HOUR plus POET, SOLDIER, WISE MAN, KING as Bonus CD. Three CDs for $30.00 plus shipping & handling. We like to call this one the Collection. *BOLIVAR BLUES "Limited Edition" Poster. Original artwork by JulieSola. Autographed by Julie and Sergio. This poster is a two color, hand-pulled print that Julie carved and printed on a 1968 Vandercook proofing press at Hatch Show Print. Poster 10x18 $10.00 plus shipping & handling. All three CDs have original artwork design by Julie Sola ( Fat Crow Press ). Julie carved the images and hand printed the covers of both Long Green Hour and Bolivar Blues on a Chandler and Price Press. All of the type is handset and each color is run separately, making each one a one of a kind piece of art. The artwork for Poet, Soldier, Wise Man, King is a large carving of each of the artists which was printed commercially. Ordering information here: http://sergiowebb.bigcartel.com/ (Album Descriptions) "BOLIVAR BLUES" Bolivar Penninsula is the mainland east of Galveston Island. I hang around here sometimes. Most of the songs on Bolivar Blues are co-written songs from last year. The scenery is from the Bayou, the Gulf of Mexico, the high desert of Winnemucca, a Rock Mountain aspen grove, spiders, sedan Fords, Covington girls, washboard roads, dead clowns, the other side of this life, broken hands, bruised heads, broken hearts, autoharps and San Franciso motel rooms. "POET, SOLDIER, WISE MAN, KING" It's a collaboration of Jonathan Singleton, Bruce Wallace, Ted Jones and myself. Great collection of songs in the spirit of the Travelling Wilbury’s, the Highway Men, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. "LONG GREEN HOUR" Is from a poem about Absinthe, the Green Fairy. The linoleum carving on the cover is of Wormwood, the main ingredient in the once banned substance. Recorded in 2004, the songs are all original. The basic tracks were recorded in East Nashville in Little Hollywood Studios, formerly the house of guitar great, Grady Martin and later,home to legend Marty Robbins. Overdubs were recorded with my neighbor Thomm Jutz at our houses. I am grateful to a lot of friends and players who helped on my first CD, reviewed in Boise Weekly, Maverick Magazine, Mix Magazine and other publications. " I know a place where the fairies live." Happy Trails! -Sergio