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School Days!

Hey guys! So I wanted to share a little bit about my recent decision to go back to school and get my certificate in Music Business, mostly because now that it's out there, I actually have to go through with it lol. But honestly, I believe that learning is the best way to succeed. Learn all you can, learn how it works, learn how to put it together so you don't have to pay someone who knows how. Become your own source of knowledge and of course count on those more professional when you need it. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with all of you soon! Peace, Love, and Music, Morgan D

Calling all industry people!

I am looking to make connections with other people in the entertainment industry who have recording resources, photography resources, and any other helpful tools or advice. I would love to get to know more people as well as work with more artists. Send me a message or email me if you have anything you'd like to share!


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Peace, love, and music

_Morgan D