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all music by tripendicular. cork pop by Andre Desartistes. champagne pour by Andi Roselund (www.sangwha.com)

hip dip skip trip (FULL DISCLOSURE)

hip dip skip trip has its origins as an instrumental by The Cut Family Foundation (TCFF). It has been reimagined via the following from me: a revised arrangement, the addition of lyrics and vocals, electric guitar and a smidge of electric bass Check TCFF out at http://thecutfamilyfoundation.com

hot tub model (FULL DISCLOSURE)

hot tub and tub splash sound effects were separately created by the following users on www.freesound.org : AnLorenzo and escarabajo4


song and guitar by Tristen Brooke, with keys and percussion by players she selected. TRIBUTE lyrics, vocal, additional drums and exploding guitar by me. check out her original version of this tune and other songs out on BandCamp.

everything falls apart (FULL DISCLOSURE)

song written by Tom Florian, who also plays acoustic guitar and performs the vocals. electric guitar, electric bass, keyboard and drums by me.

serenata de medianoche (FULL DISCLOSURE)

music by Matt Owen and performed by his group Matt Owen and the Eclectic Tuba. lyrics and vocals by me. check out Matt on ReverbNation.

z- u - n - t (ALT) - FULL DISCLOSURE

Melody, lyrics and vocal by me; most of the music by Rob Omni, but I added some additional guitar. Check out Rob. He's on ReverbNation.


Melody, lyrics and vocal by me; music by Craig Bartley. He's on ReverbNation. Check him out.


this is a tribute to a surf guitar group called tsunami samurai. i added some lyrics and vocals. find them on this site.

the big snow (FULL DISCLOSURE)

this = loops and samples i did not write, but own, rearranged, then added vocals to.