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foundation (FULL DISCLOSURE)

Music by Cyntrix; lyrics, vocal melody and vocal by me. Check out more Cyntrix only music at https://cyntrix.bandcamp.com/


This is a short, alternate version tribute to a composition written and performed by I Think I Just Lost My Mind, an artist to check out on ReverbNation. Meanwhile, for this version, All guitar written and performed by I Think I Just Lost My Mind, except for texture guitar about 3/4 in, by me. My other additions include drums, lyrics and vocal.

Debut EP, A.P.O.Q., Released and Available at Web Outlets

This release is available now on bandcamp and cdbaby. It is available as a pre-order on iTunes and Amazon and will be officially released on those sites on August 12, 2017.


all music written and performed by Dave Pajo, but rearrangement, alternate vocal, melody and lyrics by tripendicular. Check out Dave across the Web.


all music written and performed by Rick Saga, except for bass, 2 piano notes, lyrics and vocal by tripendicular. Check out Rick on Reverbnation and other places across the Web.

comfort = repetition (FULL DISCLOSURE)

all music written and performed by Circle of Sharks, except for these by tripendicular: lyrics, melody, vocal, quasi-edgy guitar and whistle-esque outro. Check out Circle of Sharks on YouTube.


All music written and performed by Flip, except the following by tripendicular: bass line, vocals and guitar interlude at the end. Lyrics and vocal melody written by tripendicular. Check out Flip on ReverbNation.


all music by tripendicular. cork pop by Andre Desartistes. champagne pour by Andi Roselund (www.sangwha.com)

hip dip skip trip (FULL DISCLOSURE)

hip dip skip trip has its origins as an instrumental by The Cut Family Foundation (TCFF). It has been reimagined via the following from me: a revised arrangement, the addition of lyrics and vocals, electric guitar and a smidge of electric bass Check TCFF out at http://thecutfamilyfoundation.com

hot tub model (FULL DISCLOSURE)

hot tub and tub splash sound effects were separately created by the following users on www.freesound.org : AnLorenzo and escarabajo4