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Jan 28th 2015 I (we) lost our daughter Toni Jeanne Maddy

"Toni's Song" is moved to top of the list, and will ALWAYS be free to download in her memory. I miss you little girl.

BIg Support for the new releases~

It's been a great year of music both live and studio. The DEC 2015 release of LIGHTSPEED rated 'HIGH 5' cds/albums as well as 'RIGHT DOWN TO THE BONE' hitting the charts it's first week at #93.

Much thanks to ALL both on stage and behind the scenes for making 2015 a great year!

Vist Cdbaby.com/artist/araymaddy or search for ARay Maddy at your favorite worldwide sites and grab up a piece of music history in the making!

I hope to see you down that road!

Yours in music, ARay DEC 2015

Back from West Virginia with great news!

Just in from the festival at Man, W. Virginia. What an honor to meet the mayor and be invited back to the next festival.

Other news just in: THIS JUST IN: Hit-Tracks Top 100 charts showing 'GOING HOME' from ARay's latest cd offering moving up to #40 from #65. Serious networking tools for serious musicians, What's HOT and what's NOT! Preview this cd here: http://youtu.be/SkmtO_9oVEc

New CD radio airplay! Trouble With a Bad Girl

“Hi there, Blues Rock fans. Another two-hour show featuring tracks from albums released in 2014 awaits your listening pleasure. Volume 88 gets underway with two terrific tracks from Dayton, Ohio-born ARay Maddy’s second album, Trouble with a bad girl.araymaddy2_small I enthused over his debut self-titled album after its release in January, and I can heartily recommend his follow-up as well. Peter Surcombe Legendary Blues Rock Show -EKR.NET Radio This entry was posted in General on October 14, 2014 by Peter Surcombe.” - Peter Surcombe, EKR.NET Radio BLOG (Oct 14, 2014)

~Southern Fried Blues~ moves up to #65 on charts

~SOUTHERN FRIED BLUES~ 3rd week on the charts moves up #65 !!! Much thanks to everyone and to Hit-Tracks Top 100 and Ron Pennings for being awesome keeping everything running over there!


TIPS for next weeks TOP 100 list shows ARay's 'SOUTHERN FRIED BLUES' in the mix with names like 'Avenged Sevenfold's "Acid Rain"....Exciting news and big thanks to RON PENNINGS for letting me know the news!!


Stay tuned...the details are being ironed out...NAMM information for ARay is coming soon!

Cover art done for CD BABY release...ARay's music will be available to purchase on many digital domains soon... including CD BABY, AMAZON, ITUNES and more...

ARay takes southern market by storm...

Listener's treated to ARay's fresh new music never had it so good. ARay's massive market saturation with music that far surpasses the 'masses' in sonic quality, originality and musicianship all from his home based TIN PAN ALLEY STUDIO. ARay writes/records all the tracks (guitars/keyboards/synth/bass/percussion) for his own label.

Combine all this with guitar solo's that stun other artists into turning the other way and hoping 'it all goes away' it's a powerful combination of sonic individualality ARay owns, that draws from but not 'stuck' in the 80's sound realm of shredders. ~artist reality 2013 ARay


It's official, CLAYTON USA offer endorsement

Well, the contract has been signed/approved by CLAYTON USA~ Exciting first for me, and proud to be a part of their team!!!!

Other happenings: DIRTY DEEDS AC/DC Tribute last night....

I know if ya tell a good deed or what ya give to charity IT DOESN'T COUNT...atleast that's how I feel, but last night I notice a really young girl patiently waiting at the edge of the stage and made sure to give her the first guitar pic while on stage...She was so excited jumping up and down...Felt really good....

I also noticed a bouncer moving a chair close to the stage for a disable girl and made damn sure to hand her a pick while playing...At first she just thought I was pointing at her in and acknowledging way and she really up!

Then I handed her a pick and she was pretty happy...Feels good...that's about the only thing I pray for before a show is to ask to make people happy in a 'not too proud' way but be the best I can be anyways and make people feel good...

I learned about asking thru prayer to make people smile thru my best friend KRIS MOWERY thru a song he wrote. He's now passed and is always missed by me...and I always hope he's with me before a big show...

Yours in music, ARay


My presskit has been available at my website for sometime, in fact IT IS my website. But for those who want to have it ALL, photos, links, music and more ... Go to ARay.binhoster.com !!!