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New band added for the Hell's Belles Show!

UnderCard will be joining Hell's Belles and 3LP to beat some life into a Saturday night! Come see us at the Knit on January 17!!!

New/Old Songs on the way

Working on adding some tunes from our archives. Changing here and there - adding some new flavor. Come check them out at our Jan 17 show at the Knit!

Hell's Belles & 3LP

Hell's Belles are going to be at the Knit on January 17, 2015. 3LP is gonna be opening for them. I'm gonna be there... You gonna be there??? Be there!


Show coming up at the Knit with some awesome bands! Smile Empty Soul - Acidic - First Decree - Evolved. All age show - bar 21+ for $13.00? Is that too much? I don't think so. So...you're coming to the show...right!?!?!

Summer 2012!

Summer is finally here...with an attitude! Not getting much accomplished, music-wise, but the band is enjoying the sun and warm weather.

Will be heading into the studio to record a couple of new songs...as a side project, next week!

First ReverbNation Post

June 8th is quickly approaching. Lots of practicing to do and trying to finish up all of our recording duties so that we can send our music and cover art out for pressing! Lyndon has done a really great job of coming up with some funny artwork for us. I'm sure some of it will make it's way to Scott's kick drums in the very near future. We also have four our roughly mixed tunes available on ReverbNation for purchase - so go ahead and grab one or all for your own collection!