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The Future Looks Very Bright


George Georgaros, Leader/Guitar/Vocals First and foremost I’d like to thank God almighty, for without his love and grace none is possible. I would also like to thank my parents for buying me my first guitar. To my band members for putting up with my shit and to my wife and kids for being so supportive. Special thanks to Saxman Greg Thomas and his crew, Trombone: Tom “Bone” Ralls, Trumpet: Paul Litteral for laying down some slamming horn tracks and bringing the music to a completely new level. (Greg, you rock). To Sundiata for his virtuoso percussion playing, thank you for the opening the door to the possibility of other instruments being played on our album. (Sundiata you’re the groove king). Very special thanks to Jesse Jaeo Tolbert for his patience and perseverance and believing in us. (This couldn’t have happened without you ... and the river flows!)

Allan Hodgson, Guitar/Vox My family for all the years of putting up with us and our 'noise' All the fans for their undying support. Sue Rivest for all the love and lost Saturday nights. Anthony "Staff" Colgan, words cant describe what you have done for us and we thank you! Jesse Jaeo Tolbert for getting us off our asses and getting this album out there. James Church, James Rapatsoules, Richard Polom, Chris Kralik for all the great photos! Greg Thomas and his funky horns, thanks for taking a chance with an unknown band and helping raise us higher! Nate and his LA crew, you guys really came through in a jiffy for us! We couldn't have done it without you all and we thank you! Allan "Big Al" Hodgson

Dennis Peikos, Bass/Vocals Dennis would like to thank, Nate Eldridge, Tony "Staff" Colgan, Allan "Hodge" Hodgson, Ted "Unibomber" Georgaros, Mr. Jesse Jaeo Tolbert for his infectious enthusiasm and talent, Mr. Greg Thomas for his master "horns-hip", and last but not least, George Georgaros without whom none of this would be possible, Thanks my brother for endless music and thus endless love.

Ted Georgaros: Drums/Vocals Thank you to god, my son Anthony, my wife Annalisa, my brother George, my brother Bill, Jesse Jaeo, Mom and Dad, Greg Thomas and the Boys; and all others that supported me through the years and helped create this album. Yanni "Johnny" Panos for hooking us up!, Chantal Thibodeau for her warm hospitality while we recorded this record, and for waking us up on ONE!, Andre Foxxe, Cyn Ellis, Sia Christofilakis, Eric McFadden, Chuck Chatham, Erik Osmancevic, ALL OF OUR FACEBOOK GROUP FAMILY (You are the BEST!), Richard Polom, Soulsense, Billy Georgaros, Costa, Kosta and anybody we might have left out. We know where the love is…Thank you everyone!

JesseJaeo Tolbert: Producer/Engineer To have the opportunity to produce music in collaboration with an artist and band of the caliber of George Georgaros and RudeBeats is both rare and so desired and relished. I would like to thank: George Georgaros for the friendship, laughs, music and the partnership we now have. Ted Georgaros for your groove and musicality (you dat hip-hop kidd), Dennis Peikos for the foundation you lay, Allan Hodgson for the scratch in dat funk of yours!, Sundiata O.M. Mausi for laying down those Mother Earth Percussion tracks, Saxophone: Greg Thomas, Trombone: Tom “Bone” Ralls, Trumpet: Paul Litteral for blowing your funkdust on ONE!!, Chantal Thibodeau for your understanding, support, and your opinion(s) lol, Sebastian Perry for your focus and positive vibe, Dan Cinelli for being an engineer who runs a studio, Nate Eldridge for being my homie!, Aaron Dahl for the skill and musicality, JF Leclerc for the gear, Tony Colgan for being the keeper of records and so much more, Alex Arciero at Le Belmont for getting up on Sunday to work with us. I appreciate you bro!,