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A Fun Bio

I wrote this as my bio for the AfricanAmericana opening. There didn't end up being a program after all but I still like it so I'm going to post it here for your amusement:

Violinist/ Vocalist/Freestyle Composer Mazz Swift is navigating her way through the strange and many terrained land of Freelancia, using her conscience as a compass, her violin as a ship and her desire as a rudder. She aims to make conscious, honest music – composing in the moment – and hopes to inspire all who listen and hear. She draws inspiration from math, floating in water and the idea of rising from the ashes. She is a Scorpio.

You can find more information about Mazz and her music at www.ReverbNation.com/mazzmuzik.

Improv in a Public Space

Just came back from performing at the opening of "AfricanAmericana" - an art show curated by Kenya Robinson (of "HairPolitic") at the Brennan Courthouse Gallery in Jersey City.

First of all, how fantastic is it that I literally loaded my gear up and drove directly up the street to get to my gig? Pretty damn fantastic! I mean. has that EVER happened before? Hell No! And will it happen again? Well - I really hope sooner than later but there isn't anything in the works as of yet...

So the gallery is located in the very spacious - all marble!! - lobby of the Jersey City Courthouse and boy is it fun to make sounds bounce off those ceilings, walls and floors. too much fun!! I brought out as many toys as I possibly could: looper, delay, Wah (which I haven't used in years!), my 'Holy Grail' pedal, vocal effects processor... it doesn't sound like a lot but I was pretty much a pig in shit the whole time.

I took a 5 minute break to scarf some food down and get a glass of wine and then dove right back in. Played for about 2 hours all together (minus that 5 minute break) and barely noticed the time passing. I could have played for 2 more hours!

The reactions were pretty great too. Met some people who really dug what I was doing, so that was nice too!

The coolest thing about it is that I recorded it (though the quality is pure shite), but it'll be good for recalling some of the ideas I came up with tonight. I also saved some of the loops that I had built during the course of the night. Man. If I actually wrote a song based on every idea I have stored in my loop machine, I'd have at least 50 songs. Wow. That's disgusting. What the hell have I been DOING!!?!?

Well, it's tempting to invoke the magic Resolution number (this time it's 2009). Almost irresistible, actually. So I'm just going to say this: I think there's going to be a lot of creative activity (and it happens to be happening this year!)... So please keep an ear/eye out for me.

Please. :)

love M

Sarah LeMieux is Super Cool and *Super* Bleu

Hi all! I'm just dropping in to let you know that I'm doing a little guest appearance on Sarah LeMieux's new record. I dunno what it's called, dunno when it will be out, but she's an absolutely fantastic singer and writer of the blues (and she plays quite the lovely guitar too!). I'll keep you posted as to when it's done, but in the meantime - check out her MySpace page at www.myspace.com/supersuperblue. I especially love Baloolah Blues and Manhattan.

See you around!


Hellooooo Party People!

Welcome to my new ReverbNation blog and Profile!

This - at least for the time being - will be your one stop shopping for info on all things Mazz... From performances with the many different artists and projects I am involved with to special new tracks, some of which will only be made available for download by my 'fans', to random musings and poetry even down to my off the cuff Twitter Mood Moments (you like that? I just made it up right this second! :)

So I hope you will drop in; please visit often and feel free to explore all of the interactive tools of this website. I will be making recommendations of other bands I enjoy that I think you might like as well (if you haven't checked out my New World Acoustic Rock band Brazz Tree, please do!). There are even widgets you can put on your Facebook or Myspace pages to help bring attention to Moi if you so feel inspired!

In short - I am reaching out. So please also feel free to leave comments or drop a line. I'm looking forward to this...

Keep in Touch!

Yours in Music, Mazz