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In the Waiting...

One thing I hate and I've always hated is waiting. But one thing that I've had to get used to lately is just that. Rushing right back into things is definitely the wrong move, especially after being ripped away from a project I loved so much. I have to let myself settle down enough to make sound decisions to move forward. So I wait. But for Dying Blynd it seems I've waited a long time. Since we've really done anything, about 4 or 5 years. But waiting can be good for you, if you allow yourself to learn from it. During the time of shelving Dying Blynd and picking up the Hydrogen Skyline project I've learned a lot that I can put to use with moving forward with the new DB. Maybe sharing those things can help you.

- People change, and often that means directions change. When you bring them on board with an expectation of following a specific goal, that doesn't always happen. Remember to write your goals down and refer back to them often, both for your own sake and for the sake of the project/band. They'll help both you and it stay the course. Towards the end of HS, I had lost my way along with the project. Had it not been for being cut, I'm not sure I would've known where, or even if, I had gone off course.

- It's ok to take a break and work on other things. DB had started to run cold after Gabe moved on to Cali. It needed new blood and a good look at where the vision was. The new project afforded the time to refresh things in my head, and the time to grow the vision in my heart. Although HS didn't turn out the way I had hoped, it had a purpose for me in the end and I was able to participate in creating an album that I'm very proud of.

- One of those purposes was that I had the opportunity to see different ways of operating, marketing, personnel, etc. That was a very crucial time. The more you can learn about the business aspects of your band, take those opportunities. Read articles, talk to successful bands, listen to webcasts, network, do what you can. In the waiting you have time to learn, to work behind the scenes, use that time.

- My health is another of those things that the waiting time afforded me an opportunity to deal with. Some of you know that I've recently had a kidney transplant from dealing with a lifetime of kidney failure resulting from a birth defect. This, along with all of the side affects and issues (including a hip replacement because of the affects of steroids on my hip joint), has been one of the most challenging times of my life and to do so while trying to juggle a music career and a full-time job to support a family is overwhelming. But as most musicians can attest to, the music is part of us, not just what we do, but who we are. So I learned a lot about myself as well. I learned about my limits, my strengths, my weaknesses, my faith, and my family. And that's just as important as understanding the rest. If you understand who you are, you can then know where you're going and how you're going to get there.

I hope this helps some of you. If not, at least you know a bit more about me. :)

Moving forward towards accomplishing my dreams...Brook

Getting Things in Place

Well I'm just working to get things in place right now. Still haven't gotten a band together yet although I have some guys that wanna talk. I'll probably start that up in a week. But for now, I'm getting my networks set up and putting up the old material as a place-holder I guess. Any activity is better than nothing. But I feel this fire in my gut that this is the right thing for me now. I'll move forward and see how things go.