Hey all you METAL HEADS, just want to let you know we found our new bassist, Dorian Gage. He is an AWESOME & BAD ASS Bassist. Thanx for all your support & we'll see you soon.


Hey METAL HEADS, tonight's the night. Come on out to Championship Bar in Trenton NJ (931 Chamber St) for a great night of METAL. We're hoping to head on over to Camden for the MAYHEM FEST & need your help, so get there & SCREAM your heads of & let them know it time for A.O.A. to ROCK the state of NJ. There'll be a lot of cool bands there to check out as well. Doors open @ 5:00 & we go on @ 9:00. Admission is $15 but not a bad deal for the amount of METAL you'll be hearing, so come on LETS ROCK!!!!!!! & as always KEEP IT LOUD & KEEP IT HEAVY!!!!!!!


AGENTS OF AGGRESSION will not be playing show's 4/25,5/23 (Final Score) & 8/23 (Sweeny's) Please dis re guard these show's as I'm unable to remove them form site. We will be participating @ McStews on 4/25 w/CROWN OF EARTH & CORNER OF SANCTUARY. Also another band to be announced. Going to be a great night so come on out & have some fun w/all the bands. Thanx & as always KEEP IT LOUD & KEEP IT HEAVY!!!!


Hey METAL HEADS, the 21st is coming quick. Going to be a GREAT Time in Delaware @ MOJO 13. Get your tix & come down for a KILLER Night of METAL. We're looking forward to seeing you all there as well as being able to share the stage w/DESTRUCTION & the rest of these BAD ASS Bands!!!!! So come on down cause you won't want to miss this. Thanx & as always KEEP IT LOUD & KEEP IT HEAVY!!!!!

60 E

Had a GREAT time @ 60 E w/The UNKNOWN & CROWN OF EARTH. Got to drop a big thanx to all who were there & enjoyed the show, You guys F**K'N ROCK!!!!! Take it easy & till next time KEEP IT LOUD & KEEP IT HEAVY!!!

New Member

Just a quick up-date, our bassist Alex is stepping down. He & his wife Carrie are having a lil' one join their family, so let's give them a MAJORLY BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Way cool dude. Also would like to introduce you to his replacement Steve Terrill, he is one BAD ASS F**K'N Bassist. Been practicing w/him & it is AWESOME!!! Won't be long. We'll be out & about in Jan 60 East in Clifton Heights Pa on 1/25 & Final Score in Feb. So as well give him a BIG WELCOME & as always KEEP IT LOUD & KEEP IT HEAVY!!!!!


Had a great time on Fri @ Final Score, the bands were KILLER. Would like to say thanx to all who came out in support of what we do & a BIG THANX goes out to our good friend David Bateson for his help filling in on bass, GREAT JOB dude. Take it easy & as always KEEP IT LOUD & KEEP IT HEAVY!!!


How's everyone doing?? Just letting you know we're @ Final Score Bar tomorrow night, door open @ 9:00. Hope you can make it out for a GREAT night of Local Metal. We'll be taking the stage around 10:00. An assortment of great bands will be there for you listening pleasure. So come by & SUPPORT Local Music. Thanx & as alway's KEEP IT LOUD & KEEP IT HEAVY!!!

Tix for show @ Freddie's Tavern

To purchase tix in advance for the May 19th show click on the link for show on REVERBNATION.COM/AGENTSOFAGGRESSION & it'll direct you as to where to go.Thanx for your support & looking forward to seeing you there.


How's it going METAL HEADS?? We'll be taking the stage on 5/19/13 @ FREDDIES TAVERN in Bristol,Pa w/some KILLER Bands, IRON CORE,LOST APPARITION,REKINDLE & PLETHORA.Looking forward to playing & seeing you there.So come on out for an AWESOME night of METAL.As alway's thanx for your support & as alway's KEEP IT LOUD & KEEP IT HEAVY!!!!!!