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Hi guys.

Hello folks. I've not been about for a while & I've not been writing or recording either, the reason is that I'm back playing drums with a band called Steve's Gone Nutty. We play covers of The Jam, Stylle Council & Paul Weller around Glasgow & Central Scotland. I got a bit fed up with the lack of interest in my own material but I appreciate the feedback I've had from those of you who have bothered to listen. Cheers. Stu.


Thanks to those of you who have become my fans recently although I doubt any of you have bothered to listen to any of my songs. I was No1 for alternative artists in Scotland for about 2 years but it didn't mean a thing so now I can't be arsed even writing new stuff & I've dropped to No12, how low can I go friend collectors?


I've not bothered to add details of the latest few songs I've put on this site but they are there..

New song - MIRRORS & SMOKE (August 2010)

Well, it's all in the title. My new song is now up on the player, any comments or questions will be gratefully received.



Another new song up, titled this drink for anyone who might pass by & actually read this stuff. Infact, don't bother listening to it, it's shit & you'll hate it. You have been warned.


New song now uploaded. It's about simple things & simple pleasures..What do you think? Stu.


Hi folks, I've put together an 11 track album for those of you who have contacted me asking if I was intending to produce something in the near future. It's called... ALWAYS THERE You can download each of these tracks individually for free from the ALWAYS THERE playlist on my page. I've put them in the order I think best suits them, but obviously you can put them the way you want them. If you don't want to download, you can also copy and paste the Reverbnation box to your page etc. If you would like an artwork for the cover, the escalator guy is in my pictures, I'm sure you'll be able to use that. Thanks for giving me your support & for continuing to listen. Please leave a comment to let me know if you download this album, it would be nice to know who's listening. Thanks. Stu.

Is Rick Frost cool or what??

Here is something my friend Rick Frost sent to my Myspace page, this is awesome & I think it makes all this music stuff all worthwhile... Hey Mr. Stu: Was sitting listening to your tunes on MySpace. Stu, sometimes you can be a real uplifting experience in the morning. I was kind of in another world listening to your songs when my girlfriend Lynette came home. She popped her head in and said "Who is that , Rick?" I said,"My friend Stu. He's amazing don't ya think? She stood motionless for a minute or so, really absorbing the music, and then she broke into a really broad smile and she said, " He's remarkable. "Then she laughed and said, " Hey Rick, tell Stu that even Angel and Jasmine are full swing into his stuff." I listened for a moment and sure enough, Angel and Jasmine - our resident parakeets - had their heads cocked to the door and were chirping along with you. I mean - they were really into it. So Stu ....Thanks, unbeknownst to you ... you engineered a music filled morning in CT, USA - that left everbody in a really positive , happy mood. THAT TAKES TALENT !!!! We love ya man, Rick, Lynette, Jasmine and Angel


New song uploaded. I've tried a few new things on this song which took me a couple of weeks to record & engineer. The song was written and roughly recorded a couple of years ago when I first started recording but I've decided to re do it. I've tried a bit of slide guitar & harmonica here, both for the first time, hope you think they work (didn'tknow harmonica's came in different keys!) Stu.


Hi folks, hope you're all well. I'm just letting you know about a compilation CD I have a track appearing on. EXTRACTS FROM THE ETHER Vol 2 KOOL TONE RECORDS Is now available. You can contact Rob at www.myspace.com/kooltonerecords 17 track CD 's are £3 +50p inc P&P.