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Latest Album

Our latest album "Superstorm" was released in June 2013. Forgot to add that info here on ReverbNation!

New Album!

We're busy working on a new album and hope to release it before the end of the year. Stay tuned for more updates!

Blue Wave Theory album release on ArtisTech Media

Mar 01, 2011 – Next Gen music label Artistech Media is pleased to announce it has just signed progressive surf rock band Blue Wave Theory, and is today releasing their self-titled album.

“We are excited to become official members of ArtisTech Media -- a label with a modern vision for independent music,” Mr. Rabeler commented. “We truly appreciate being supported through our partnership with ArtisTech. They give us the freedom to collaborate and to remain open to multiple labels, while we retain the rights and control of our creative works."

“We’re thrilled to work with Blue Wave Theory in musical partnership. Their music is especially perfect for San Diego!” remarked Emily Richards, CEO and co-founding artist of ArtisTech Media. “Blue Wave Theory explores the greater sophistication of progressive rock, and yet is dynamically paired with our surf culture here in Southern California. I am a fan!”

ArtisTech Media, the company that operates ccMixter.org, is creating partnerships with artists, signing non-exclusive contracts, and releasing site content under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons licenses, thereby allowing listeners to share without being criminalized. Creative Commons licenses give musicians freedom to share and collaborate with other artists, and also facilitate musical conversations with and among their fans.

ccMixter.org, the most prominent experiment in free music culture, began in 2004 with a series of remix contests hosted by Creative Commons in conjunction with Wired Magazine featuring The Beastie Boys, David Byrne and other innovative musicians. Lawrence Lessig, founding board member of Creative Commons, says of ccMixter: “The first important thing about Creative Commons is that it’s artist based. It’s artists who choose what freedoms they’re going to give people when it comes to access to their work.”

To visit the Blue Wave Theory Lounge on TuneTrack.net, visit http://tunetrack.net/bluewavetheory/. To stream and preview their self-titled album, visit http://tunetrack.net/bluewavetheory/releases/blue-wave-t .... To become a supporting patron of Blue Wave Theory, join the Blue Wave Theory Green Room, and also receive CD-quality downloads and bonus material.

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ArtisTech Media is a next generation music label that aggressively embraces technology - in order to create a richer musical experience for both creator and listener. ArtisTech Media operates the sites ccMixter.org and TuneTrack.net.

New Blue Wave Theory drummer

Please welcome Rob Wolleben as the new drummer for Blue Wave Theory! After only a handful of rehearsals, Rob played his first gig with us 2 weeks ago at Otto's Shrunken Head in New York City and did a really great job!

Blue Wave Theory Facebook page is DOWN!

For those of you who are fans of ours on Facebook, you may have noticed that the Blue Wave Theory page seems to have vanished into thin air. Here's what happened: someone hacked into the Blue Wave Theory Facebook account on January 26th and started sending out fake "money transfer scam" messages to some of our fans. As a result, our Facebook page has been temporarily disabled pending account verification and a security investigation. We hope to resolve this issue very quickly and our Facebook page will be up and running again very soon!

Blue Wave Theory
Blue Wave Theory  (almost 7 years ago)

Our Facebook page is up and running again!