Sept. 7th - Oct. 14th. download Good Villain FREE

peace all,

I am happy to announce that after much patience and anger, Good Villain will be available completely free in it's MP3 format September 7th - October 14th, while we take pre-orders for the CD's October 14th release date.

I am poor, I can't afford large radio, magazine or internet campaigns, but I do have you, the people. On September 7th when I make preorders available and post the free download link, I only hope that if you enjoy, you will pass it on. Burn it to a CD, give it to a friend, post a blog, post on the forums you visit, write a review, tell me I suck, tell me what you want to suck. I know when I think back to some awesome artists I was turned on to, most of the time a friend burned a CD, or sent me the file, and now I realize that's what it takes. After listening to that burned CD i went out and looked for more releases, or tried to get that one. My point is I can throw all the money I have at marketing experts, and advertising services, but I don't have that kind of money right now, so i'm turning to the most important tool in any successful artists career, you the people. I'd rather get 5,000 downloads and know I'm reaching more people that MIGHT order the CD, than get 20 pre-orders and a whole lot of people unsure of what it's even all about. So word, get excited, spread the word. September 7 - October 14. free album, + you can preorder the actual CD which will come with more free goodies (dependent on how many orders we get, the more orders, the more cool free stuff!!!)

Talk to you soon loves and chumps, Aba

p.s. feel free to steal the banner.

and go download the new song!!