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"Pickin' & grinnin' Music Publishing" is now in business!!

It's official! My new publishing company is up and running. If you have a song that you think is a hit and you need song placement well then look no further. We specialize in finding the perfect song for the perfect situation. Whether it be placement in major motion picture, independent film, commercials, musical artist cuts and even jingles. Our company was made to help you the songwriter get your music heard and get you paid. Our resources and relationships within the entertainment industry have been gained through experience and everyday hard work. Our professionalism, work ethic and sensitivity towards you the songwriter is what sets us apart from the average publishing company. Good luck to all you song writers out there and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Take care, KM

First Blog Ever: Nashville

Nashville...where the music never stops and the dreams only stop if you let them. I've had a lot of ups and downs living in this city but that was expected even before I moved here. The music business is a tough cookie to crack. I can tell you I'm on the grind 24/7 pitching music, playing shows, writing new songs, playing new songs, schooling myself in areas of the actual business side of the industry and yet still I feel like I've moved 1 inch with a gazilion miles to go. Ahhh don't let me fool ya...I secretly enjoy it. I enjoy it because the struggle one goes through often times make for the greatest songs. Heck even the "I drank a crap ton last night and am struggling on getting up this morning" fits in the best song category. You just have to keep pushing whatever way you know how. You're never gonna have all the answers, but if you keep looking, your bound to run into them. Well folks I just wanted to say hi, share some insight, and connect with y'all. I'll be posting new blogs from time to time about shows, stories, etc. Feel free to drop by, comment, or hell even complain. I'm all ears! Take care