Рецензия на видеоклип "Right On My Way"

Рецензия на видеоклип "Right On My Way" http://astartaview.ru/royal-corvus-right-on-my-way/

Путь таланта: «ROYAL CORVUS»

Путь таланта: «ROYAL CORVUS» http://im-ho.com.ua/royal-corvus/

Рецензия от UnRated Magazine (Chicago)

Рецензия от UnRated Magazine (Chicago) http://www.unratedmagazine.com/Bios/_Artists.cfm?Band_ID=2823

Интервью на радио "Premier" (USA)

Интервью на радио "Premier" (USA) http://www.radiopremier.net/news/usa/784

On The Air

It was pleasure to be on the "Female Fronted Symphonic Rock and Metal Show". A lot of great music and pleasant atmosphere... Nice conversation and people. Brian made a great job... Also, It was cool to meet neighbours from Romania and Bolgaria in chat room ) To be short, thank AiiRadio for hearty welcome!

On The Air

10th December Royal Corvus on "Female Fronted Symphonic Rock and Metal Show" AiiRadio www.aiiradio.net

Studio Work

We have recorded our single "No One Knows", so we going to make a perfect video for it :) Stay on-line!

Studio Work

Now we getting prepared to recording of our first single called "No One Knows"