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Website is up! www.Utley3.com

Check it out- we'll be posting updates soon . We'll have a few in-store showcases to add for the vinyl edition of our record, "No More, No Less" . Listened to the test pressings and it sounds really good.

Saddened by the loss of George

George Jones was a rascal, a larger than life but humbly human character. His voice was everywhere, and anyone worth their salt could attest to the immense vocal range and pure soul of his singing. Whether a tear jerker like He Stopped Loving Her Today or a playful tune like White Lightening or The Race is On, nobody could sing it like George. The duets with Tammy set the bar for country duets. I had the pleasure of seeing him tape an Austin City Limits episode years ago- we weren't sure he was going to show up, it was THAT era- but he was sweet and gracious, shook everyone's hand as they left. I got a kiss on the cheek.I hope some of the current singers who profess themselves to be country singers dig up a few George Jones lp's and learn a thing or two about what it really means to deliver a lyric. RIP, George.

Artwork still being finalized for the album

The mockups are looking great thanks to the AMAZING Christie Lewis, and hopefully the vinyl will start cooking. The debut single, I Want Something" is now available on iTunes, cdbaby and Amazon.com, hopefully more digital outlets soon. We're also in the rotation on radioairplay.com, so if you get a chance login and check it out. Cheers, and hoping the weather is beautiful where you are!

Well then...

Still getting all of the post-production stuff completed. Fortunately, we've had beautiful weather and SXSW to keep us distracted. This is a great part of the country to live in most months. If you'd like to visit, please come in August or September when we have few tourists and you can pack light because you will never need a sweater or jacket that time of year in Central Texas. So we have another tune from the new record uploaded for your listening pleasure. "Go" is a "shit or get off the pot" type of song I think we can all relate to. Trying to make a relationship work when you're the only half doing the work. Yes, if you're going to go, just go, if you're staying, stay and be in it 100%. Never kick 'em out halfway, someone once told me (people tell me alot of things). Kick 'em out all the way, or not at all- save yourself some heartache. It was painful to write, and hard to sing for a long time, but a learning experience and I got this song out of it, so it's not really that bad. BTW, if you would like lyrics or guitar chords to any of our songs, just shoot me a message or email info@utley3.com. The website will be up and running soon! Stay safe, friends, and thank you for supporting live music!

Taste of the new record

Currently uploaded for your listening pleasure is a new one featured on our new album "No More, No Less" scheduled for April release from Flak Records. "I Want Something". Jangly pop of the highest order! The story behind the song? Well, all of my friends are either married on on their way. Every time I hinted around at it, my special someone got inexplicably silent, which I guess could be expected from someone who wouldn't get a new cell phone because it required a 2 year committment. Anyway, I was playing my 12 string, drinking coffee and checking Facebook in the morning, like you do, when I saw that Brandi Carlile got married. And right then I played the riff and sang I want Something. Scribbled some lyrics, brought it to band practice, we edited, arranged and rocked. I hope you like it, it's one of my favorites on the record. Thanks for all your support! Warm regards, Cordy

Recorded, mixed, mastered...

We've been quite busy making the new record- we're planning a vinyl release with digital download, hopefully to coincide with Record Store Day, April 20th The preliminary artwork for the cover is coming along very nicely. Funny how long the whole process is AFTER all the music is made. Hopefully we'll have more specific details soon. Cheers!

Blog blog blog, Ginger. Blog blog blog.

Well. ReverbNation wants us to have a blog. Part of the whole promo thing, fan reach, etc etc. I'm not sure I have anything to say worth repeating, really. Blogs are funny, though. Sometimes a nice extension of an article, or a shared inspirational story, but it seems most of the time it's just egotistic rambling. Ain't nobody got time for that! Thank you for visiting the Utley3 blog.Hope to see you at the next show.