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NEW videos

A Bunch Of New Videos Added here. including one "MASH UP" clip video done by our bass man.

live footage from our recent show at RALPHS DINER in worcester ma! ENJOY!!!!!!!


Just Released two studio tracks. "Bloodsport" "Too many problems, Not Enough Liquor"

engineered by Dorian Gatej at Vemplore studios in Worcester, Ma

Dysfunctional Blog

well, we have a blog YAY!!!!!!!

uhm 2/3 members are on vacation. so no new writing til they return.

Next Show is August 18th @ Mill Street Brews. Southbridge, MA. Headliner is Psychostick!!!!!!!!!!! tickets are $15. see me ....John...on facebook. you can also find me VIA our Facebook page. theres also a Facebook Event Page. SUPPORT LOCAL METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that is all!

thank you, drive thru!!!!!!!