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Why I normally don't do features in songs.

In this position I'm in now with my music, I really don't to feature too many artist. I'm not being cocky or arrogant but, I'm still trying to find my voice and my designated style. I find that when you work with certain people for a long time you tend to adapt to the style they are comfortable with rather than creating your own. This is why I don't listen to much mainstream heads because now they all start to sound the same. Not only that, but there is no actual substance to what they say.

Humble Beginning

Its tough being an upcoming Local artist in the Hip Hop Scene. With the Rap game forever evolving it makes it hard from the underdog to express his voice. In my opinion, I think the MC's or Rappers that should be acknowledged in the game are the ones who can gain an emotional connection with his/her audience. But now adays Rappers are just about the money and false imitation of what the good life really is.. Nobody is real anymore. Ive said it.