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Vagabonds / Blog

Vagabonds Mission Statement: Part Two

Our goals: What we seek is true hope, the active readiness to change our plight as we see fit. Upon this realization, we have found that our institutions offer us only a pseudo hope, a passive waiting for things to change for the better, which never seems to manifest. Therefore, we have set our short term goals to the following: we seek to achieve true friendship though conversation and helpfulness, we seek an understanding of our individual differences and strive to embrace those differences, and not root them out for the sake of conformity; and lastly, we seek a true, healthy and humanized society built upon common human values, and not the artificial values imposed upon our minds through television and stagnant institutions.

Our long term goal is plain and simple. We will eventually raze human consciousness to a level where the individual will be wholly capable of thinking critically and intelligently and thus wholly able to govern oneself without threats, coercion or brute force from an existential authority or entity.

In closing, let us say that we have tried, generation after generation to better the plight of our species through the existing structures. For too many years we have waited, with a linear hope; we have seen our parents chewed up and spit out, we have watched our friends and relatives work their fingers to the bone for this vast machine. We have generated great wealth for those in power, we have given them riches beyond belief, and now we ask “why?” We can easily see that this vast machine has broken our homes, our souls and our individuality. This machine has no conscience; it is not in our favor. We have seen the fruit that this machine bears, and frankly it is not edible. The degenerate functioning of this machine has produced nothing but misery on a scale never seen before. This machine has produced an overweight, self hating, masochistic, depressed and over medicated population. And finally, we see that this is not the way, that this path is not beneficial to life, not to human, plant or animal life, this machine has polluted everything to the extent that many people seek an apocalypse to finally bring it to and end. But we will not allow this, we have chosen to shelve this old worn out machine, and we have begun our own search for truth, love and happiness, this is our time, and we have chosen to better our own plight ourselves. We are capable and we are dedicated to the advancement of the human race.

The Vagabonds.

Vagabonds Mission Statement: Part One

“Every moment existence confronts us with the alternatives of resurrection or death; every moment we give an answer. This answer lies in not what we say or think, but in what we are, how we act and where we are moving.” Erich Fromm

Our core philosophy: We are actively seeking alternatives to forced dehumanization through the following ideals: individual co-operation, open dialog, free exchange of information and human ingenuity. Thus, we firmly believe that individual uniqueness, the human capacity for intellectual growth and general human compassion are absolutely necessary and critical to solving the world’s problems. Moreover, we believe that all areas of life should in fact support life, life meaning growth, and should not support nor promote general destructiveness, or avoidable misery.

Our strategy: We are currently engaged in forming self dissolving, non institutional discussion groups, that are laying a vital ground work in order to create and sustain a highly independent, and intellectual community. We are absolutely committed to life and its support; therefore we have chosen knowledge as a primary motivator to advance humanity and not destructiveness. Furthermore, we understand that war, pollution of both mind and body and the general feeling of hopelessness that exudes in all areas of our lives are in fact an externality of the current economic system. Moreover, we have chosen to be more than a profit maximizing machine for a system that lacks any capacity to understand human feeling and human emotion; a vast machine that inherently starves the basic needs of creativity, sensuality and sense of self. And because we have identified and learned to recognize the fruit of this system to be degenerate and unfulfilling to any needs but those of endless consumption, we have thus encouraged our communities to not use the present monetary standard as a means of exchange unless there is no other way. We have therefore encouraged our friends, loved ones and others to use what money symbolizes, time and energy, which may be entitled “time bartering”, along with other techniques of free and fair exchange. We have thus concluded that the present economic system is a system of perpetual debt, which is truly known as enslavement, an enslavement that is destructive to the human, both in mind and of body.