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Attention:VIP to All Fans & Family & Friends As of September 29th 2015

I enter in a competition at Guitar Center contest ends November 2nd please give me some love & support there....

Also The songs that posted for sale All proceeds goes help my husband cancer fight we are currently going through Please donate If you can or like share his Go fund me link it can be found below

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Hello and thank you for listening too my life's works,as I have been doing this since the age of 13. I'm now 51 years old.It's my dream and ambition to one day compose and write on a professional level. I'm presently working on 2 CDs and I've also have made some videos on YouTube.com with my work,below you will find some of my links so you can learn more about me and my music,so Please feel free too check them out and show me some love by leave your comments. I Compose new stuff almost everyday as well as write in any shape and color of music there is expect Rap, Sorry just don't feel it I've tried,but I do respect it as art form. About the sound quality? well I'm know sound engineer and my budget is like zero to none. but I'm learning and any and all help is welcomed. "Just being straight up with you". =^..^= Links are as follows My SS Press Kit http://www.reverbnation.com/rpk/stephaniescoggins My Soft Side = http://www.reverbnation.com/stephaniescoggins My Edge = http://www.reverbnation.com/makatt Facebook= https://www.facebook.com/stephaniescoggins63 Bio= http://freaks-dream.angelfire.com/ https://soundcloud.com/stephanie-elizabeth-osburn-scoggins http://www.fandalism.com/makatt https://myspace.com/makattinc YOUTUBE= https://www.youtube.com/user/mamakittykatt https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBK9eFo3Q_iJSohg7vYnvJQ =^..^==^..^==^..^==^..^==^..^==^..^==^..^==^..^==^..^==^..^==^..^==^..^==^..^= CD Lists 2014 that in the worxs now. 7:39 AM 9/10/2014 Cd List =^..^= My Hard Edge CD Gothic Metal/Acoustic Blues 1. Freaks Dream(Sinister Blu) 2. Wicked World 25 takes 3. Cookie Cutter People 4. Along Came a Spider 5. Witch's Birthday 6. Kettle Of Flesh 7. Colossal Swine 8. Missing The Blu 9. Me and Myself 10.Death of She 11.Night Shade 12.Zombie 16 13.Same Odd Ball Electric Ideas N2 Blu KR13 I =^..^= My Softer Side CD Blues/Country Taste 1.Same (Acoustic Version) 2.Angels Soar (Eden Falls) 3.My Friends The Blues 4.Be leave In Yourself 5.Romeo And Juliet 6.Blue Bird Blues 7.Blue Moonshine 8.Just The Blues 9.Unto The Sun 10.For Christina 11.I Can't See 12.Soul Burn 13.For Rachel Odd ball Acoustic Instrumentals Hillbilly Blues I have lots of others. Here is a list of some others that are not ready yet.Political Babies,Isecuranity,Off Balance,End Of The Blur, Divine Revolution,Loaded Chamber,Hey Baby and lots more.. Again Thanks for listen and being a fan! You RoCk! =^..^= Hugs P.S Feel free to drop me aline.

My New Group On FB Chattanooga Women Who Rock !

Chattanooga area women who rock out ! Musicians, Songstress, Lyricist, Artist, Dancers, Sound Engineers, Photographers,of all levels of talent Any shape size color age!

Maybe you just want support us women in our quest for the brass ring! Then like us and become a fan by listen and posting what you think.All I ask is please be constructive and positive with all comments. And Show us LOVE! LOVE! Hugs =^..^=

Musicians/ Singers/ Drummers & Bass Players/Guitarist

In Chattanooga Area! If you live in or near East Brainerd area, and have the itch to play music and get something rocking give us a call. We have an awesome practice space....any musicians are welcome to come join us young and old, From pickers and grinners- to the ones who Rocky our a$$ OFF!.... We are hoping to practice every weekend. Maybe: some during the evening during the week. Sean plays the Keys and I ( Makatt ) the Guitar, we even have our Band names picked out and we are Ready to practice. (“Well Jobs and School allowed that is ...lol. )“Our ONLY!!! Drugs and fix is MUSIC! But we are not a stick in mud either...We smoke, we’re open minded. And respectful, all we ask is the same from you. So just dust of your old Drums, Bass, whatever it is .So what if you are out of practice, If that’s the case, Hell so are we! It’s all about original ideas here, but some covers are ok. But we really want and looking to do our own stuff, and we are always willing to listen to good & new ideas. But truth be told we are not a big fan of Death Metal or Rap) So if this sounds like you like to jam with us, Just give us a call we will arrange a meeting place so we can get to know you and we get to know you. We are committed and devoted to our crafts and looking for same minded individuals. If you like to more about me a head of time and, like a taste how I write & play. Here is my websites: http://soundcloud.com/stephanie-elizabeth-osburn-scoggins http://www.youtube.com/user/mamakittykatt/videos http://www.angelfire.com/music3/mamakittykatt/ https://www.reverbnation.com/makatt

Ask for Sean after 3:30 in afternoon (In school then) and no calls after 10:00 night please on: Monday-Thursday (* Cell # 423-645-7269 Text welcomed) Home # 423-702-5975

Meow & Hello all

I like invite any of you who like what I'm doing here on www.some where to let me know what ya'll think of my music.....Hugs Makatt =^..^=