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Septic Studio

Wilms Tumor is begining to work on a full lentgh album intitled Genital Reconstruction should be completed in early fall stay tuned !! spread the bruutality!!!TNDM

Gore Mass

stay tuned for some more brutal tennessee death metal .a band called Gore Mass wil be torturing the world with a bloody cespool of lowend brutality with the removal of of all your enards redecorated.then forced down a vomitist grinder ,mass mutilation!!!

'Septic Studios'

the Toilet is begining to work on a a gathering of satanic brutality with a yet to be announced incantation who spawns from the darkest and desolate fires from hell...... stay tuned for updates TNDM


Rotten Infectious By Products.. all songs from that ep are posted.

Wilms Tumor ep available

also available is an eight song self produced ep intititled Rotten Infectious By Products if interested message and well go from there stay brutal TNDM