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2 B or NOT 2 B ???

For THE PCers… This is is POLITICALLY CORRECT You may read on if you CHOSE TOO. Thank you for your STEAM (SUPPORT) Somewhere in MY Universe…. Scientist PROBE. Politicians and Salespersons TALK. Runners will slow down sometimes and WALK. SOME little dogs BARK. AT TIMES Children ask questions. ME? Im an ARTIST. I CREATE. I EXPRESS at times these CREATIONS they can B or that WILL just splat MY OWN SELF on the CANVASS of LIFE for ANYONE who choses to see. Some ADMIRE my ART. I LOVE SOME ART MYSELF. NOT EVERYTHING is 4 EVERYBODY. I don't say LOOK AT ME OR LOOK AT WHAT I MADE. I just throw up on the CANVASS and what comes out comes to LIFE. I LOVE MAKING ART. Too many VOICES in my head say make this,make that. To quiet these VOICES… I use the OLD GODly LIKE TALENT... CREATION! Im proud of it and share it freely with ALL. Even my HATERS get My MOST HUMBLE APPRECIATION for their sometimes UNWANTED reviews or quietly lurking silence.. Oh I see you back there waiting… Im waiting on you too but I goes ta keep it moving..you'll do ya best to KETCHUP (these r the jokes folks…). I don't beg for acceptance or LIKES. Im not THIRSTY for OPINIONS. I just do what IM guided to do. I DO HAVE MANY CHARACTERS , MASKS, and FILTERS. Some I share… some I DO NOT HOLD BACK from the UNIVERSE. Hell its out there now!!! I don't have TIME to nor wish to spread myself all around with "friends" and lovers. I have a GOD SELECTED FEW that LOVE me even when Im not LOVABLE to my own SELF. Never by any means perfect but I means to be OK with my CHOICES. The MISTAKES I continue to make I pray are ALWAYS NEW ones. Im tryn to learn from others. Their wins and losses both! I do my BEST to remain teachable. LIVE LAUGH LOVE and LEARN from my decisions but I know in the END.. It will always HAVE to be me GETTING OUT OF GODs way to create the path I MUST CHOSE ALONE at times. Sometime bitter.. sometimes NOT.Hopefully GOD hands me a new shovel when Ive used up the last one HE/SHE gave me to move this MOUNTAIN in my head. Im am in no means an OPEN BOOK but Im approachable just enough to let you see the cover. Judge it if you will. Takes a special kinda key to open this BOOK OF CRAIG STEVENS aka DJ HOt Hands. MANY MANY not willing to do the work to even read the prologue. Thats okay because Im not unique. My STORY is no different than anyone else's. I got here on the PAIN train..and Im Leavn on that mid-night train to GEORIA!!! LOL HA GIGGLE LMBO at myself. May ALLL your WISHES be GRANTED and YOUR DREAMS come TRUE. Stay HOT! Tsssss

RANT # 29 Dont Rock my BOAT!!!

I don't know SHIP. I gots my own SHIP. I aint got SHIP. I don't like SHIP. I don't want SHIP. I don't need your SHIP. I can't keep SHIP. I aint about SHIP. I won't touch that SHIP. I don't have SHIP. I aint read SHIP. Im not having SHIP. Cant sell no SHIP. I don't waste SHIP. You can keep you SHIP to yo self. Theres not SHIP you can do about SHIP. Take your SHIP. Aint SHIP funny. SHIPs nothing nice. Your SHIP is your SHIP. You talk SHIP. You smell like SHIP. Let that SHIP stay where it is. Say SHIP and mean it. Don't bring me no SHIP. ShIP just aint right. No one gives a SHIP. Thats your SHIP. I bee about my own SHIP. Please leave my SHIP alone. Take this SHIP with you. Leave that SHIP right there. Don't ask me for SHIP. Clean up your own SHIP. Stop making up SHIP. Give that SHIP to someone who gives a SHIP about SHIP! Should done that SHIP when SHIP was SHIPPN all over the place.Look if thats your SHIP then take that SHIP over to that SHIPhole where you be doing SHIP at. You got that SHIP that started this SHIP. So make sure you can run SHIP like SHIPs suppose be ran. Don't ask me for SHIP. SHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIPPP! Im off this SHIP!

RANT # 33

RANT # 33 Wow!!! There are actually people who CARE what YOU THINK ABOUT THEM!!!! Oh no I get THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE ME or say… my boss with my work performance but Im talking about opinions of a bunch of electronic social media "FREINDS" and ppl who careless if theres food on your plate. There is not ONE HUMAN BEING WHO IS THAT IMPORTANT TO ME! Say you plan on having… a party? Because they don't LIKE someone who is going, not the person who is giving the party and invited you… I shouldn't go cuz..YOU BELIEVE I SHOULDNT LIKE THEM EITHER? Hahah HIGH SCHOOL CRAP !!! I thought it was the MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. scale? Based on the content of ones character and a bit of WHAT'D THEY EVER DO TO ME stuff.. Now assuming we are ADULTS in the conversation. My moms taught me NEVR GO ANYWHERE YOUR NOT WANTED…. Theres also I NEVER WANTED TO GO.. I get that but remember this.. NEVER LET ANYONE RUN YOU OUT. WALK AWAY! I try my best not to judge anyone based on some else's' WORDS about another,their experience I can take in account. Sometimes I can listen to someones experience and NOT HAVE TO GO THROUGH IT. I get that too! I just can't stand fake ass people. REMBER THIS.. They DONT LIKE YOU… probably NEVER WILL. BE YOURSELF! If thats not good enough for the HATER.. SMILE. Walk off and say a PRAYER for they hating ass. With FRIENDS like these .. WHO NEEDS HATERS ? There it is. May ALLl your WISHES be GRANTED and your DREAMS come TRUE… HATE on… Tsss

True 2 You 101

The JFT was on point!!!!! Ppl who actually KNOW and LOVE me can testify Im okay with being ME! LOLOLOL Not everyday am I ok with many of the decisions Ive MADE or MAKE but I have LEARNED a lot about ME over time. Im STILL learning how to LOVE, LAUGH, and LIVE! The greatest thing is FORGIVENESS for me. FIRST is myself. Mom, society, and even GOD his/her self. Most importunely is that I did not accomplish anything of value or importance with out the help of others whom learned to LOVE themselves. JFT I understand that I am NOT all that bad…. maybe 15%. Thats a low number from back in the day when 95% of what I used to do was not a pretty picture. Thanking my LOVE ones for actually taking the TIME to get to know me in spite of the times when I DONT EVEN WANT TO BE AROUND MYSELF! The HUMAN part of me always getting in the way. Battling others for the war within wouldn't allow me to realize I was not ALONE. I think I began to heal from the monstrous things I did to myself when I started to see the beauty within that others seen in me. The man in the mirror was wearing to many mask for me to SEE him. Today I wear a bunch of hats. LOLOLOL Im blessed to have the talent like so many others to express and release my thoughts through my ART! Im not seeking anyone attention or approval other than my 14yo daughter's. Who told me she's proud t ohave ME as her father.Truly blessed to see in others the gift also I am given. Wow who'd thought? GOD DID! The journey continues!!! ONE

LiFE 101

Theres no cosign corner where and how I lIVE today. Been on that block. I was a phony, fake,and a fraud. When I could admit this to myself I became an HONEST person. A white lie is a lie. We are ALL in different levels of DENIAL. " Does this make me look fat?" When you already know.YOUR FAT!! It was no easy task to lose 55 pounds! Truth was my doctor told me my diabetes was killing me! That was 4? years ago. Id have clothes in my closet for years and look at the same pants over n over again and say " Ill fit these one day." Instead of giving them to a friend or Good Will that will wear them. My hope came from others who were HONEST with me, NOT ABOUT ME but rather THEMSELVES! They showed me the courage it takes to actually be honest with myself. I would love millions of dollars ( I could use 40 bucks for gas if ya got it to spare) and for my songs to go down in history as number ones but all I ever wanted and still do is people(loved ones..ones I KNOW LOVE ME) to tell me the TRUTH. Attention, compliments, and a good back rub (45 mins) is awesome but for someone to be honestly truthful is GODLY to me and thats n NO LIE!

Thirsty 101

First lets get it right. Its is NOT being Thirsty to pursue a woman when single. Its called courting of dating. Im thinking the Fema Nazies made this thing up. Women who don't LIKE men. Someone traumatized by a penis somewhere. To date some one you show them attention. A simple" Helllo. My name is _____.: Can begin the process. Maybe your friend introduces you to someone from work.Because she/he knows that your a lonely masturbating loser and who has been in-between dates? When single and I meet a woman. I play baseball in my pursuits. There will be no third strike.I.E. If she doesn't pick up on the second try… On to the next one. On to the next one… To many. If she won't… SHE WILL. At the club if theres a good picking inside and I want to dance. Side note… Why go to club and NOT DANCE? As a DJ I find this weird. Stay home and listen to loud music! The drinks don't cost as much if you go to the L store and get a pint. then you got the women dancing with only their friends. Go to the Lesbian club… or stay home with your girlfriends and again… turn on your iPod and turn it up loud! So anyways back to the lesson. So if I ask her to dance and i get a" No". or " I don't like this song." Ill ask the one standing next to her. Ill just ask the one standing next to her. Now we know if a woman is single, can dance, and finds one attractive… she Will dane with you. I swear on my children I have nevr made it past the third woman. Nope. Never. It is not THIRSTY. I want to dance. No every time I want to dance do I want to marry her or even know her name! Sometimes Ive bought a woman a drink just to be nice ( its not a waste of money when your a Baller ) With no other motive than to compliment her on her taking her time to look very beautiful tonight. Like she knew i was gonna be there and allowed me the pleasure of a dance. Sometimes i don't ask her her name. Ive also learned how to say "Thank you." and walk away. I learned this from woman. It was just a dance, not a marriage proposal. Men are designed to purse. It in our nature. Women know this. Women who get a lot of attention act like it a problem. They don't think your thirsty when they are attracted to the guy. No. Ive never been called thirsty. Nope. Nevr. I have heard ppl say it about someone. Seems hateful to me. yet I do know some guys who will leave a woman some very disgusting, challenging, and restrain order deserving messages. So I can understand the term used correctly. Well to be informative and past ofnthe proper information to my HOTTIES. A date is simple. You meet in a public place ( yes ladies some of y'all crazy too! Umm but we guys kinda like crazy… but not the LAST BOYFRIEND HURT ME SO IM GONNA HURT YOU crazy… y'all know who y'all are!) Go for a ice cream or movie or bowling, act. and then you go your separate ways. You might do this with several people. Theres no cuddling after or sex.. unless of course its consensual. I like to date. Simple and keeps my options open. I like to purse. I personally don't like a woman after me. Its my HUNTERS Nature. Sorry ladies who think that aggressive stuff works. Maybe some guys go for it. Me? Im like a snake… no dead rats for me. Sure a smile or a hello back is gonna get my attention. If Im in the mood to be a lion ill get at ya.Ok fellas. Its ok to pursue a woman. Feel free to make a passTOM BRADY!! .Do your best to be nice and respectful. I find you get more by being honest and direct. A real woman (if she's attracted to you!) will allow you the blessing of her company. Sure sometimes the Erkel " Im gonna wear you down baby!" works ( it did for him…) Ok HOTTIES… Im gonna go and get some sweet tea. Im THIRST!! Stay HOT! Tssss

Driving 101

Um ok…. Merging ont he highway. When getting on the highway be prepared to STOP. Theres usually a sign that say YIELD….. That means to give way to traffic getting off the road. Now I know your in a hurry. Your important…… When exiting the highway its always a good idea if you see traffic trying to get on the highway to be prepared to GIVE WAY… usually the person getting on is speeding up to beat you. It humans your dealing with and yes they believe they are MORE important than YOU. Ok HOTTIES. This has been the 101 from YOUR de ja . Drive like your mothers in the other car… and Stay HOT! Tssss