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Some rad reviews from fans!!!!

“The instrument being played is utterly horrible in my opinion. It is too distorted and the notes aren't clear. Its not a pleasant opening. The vocalist also needs some variation and tuning because his voice sounds too soft and small for this genre. His screams are no better as they sound more like breathy rasps than screams. The instruments playing are similar to the opening. They need more training in clear playing.”

Uh the beat really woke me up thats for sure but not in a good way, it just woke me up to right this review on how terrible the song is! i couldn't understand the lyrics, the beat was just a headache and the "singer" ugh no words.”

“The beginning sounds hopeful. However everything crashes down when they start to scream. Personally I like the song with out the screaming but other wise the melody is alright the rhythm is too. The screaming is bad and ruins the song. No offence and nothing personal. The only people that would like this is the people that hate their parents and troubled teens

“Horrendous music right here. I would never want to listen to a piece of music like this on the radio ever. I did not like the bass this song had. I think the drums and loud dynamics of this track were just terrible. I would never recommend this for productions.


We want to welcome ARRON BURNETT to the AGNOZIA family as our new front-man!!! ARRON has been in the PDX scene for quite sometime and has a wide variety of influences and styles.ARRON is just an all around greta guy and fits quite well into the fold...Lot's of killer shows coming up so let's welcome him and make him feel loved people!!!! CHEERS!!!

SInger still needed

Message us here if you feel you have what it takes to commit and tour and sign with us etc...Our songs are already being played all over the world on MLB,ESPN,FOOD NETWORK and so much more..Label interest etc..We just need you :)


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