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USA Top-200. 2 ABQ Top-5's (Day-12)

USA Metal Top-200. Day-12 ABQ 2 Top-Fives. Metal #3. Alt #5.

7 Days, 2 Top-Fives

7 days: ABQ Metal #3 & Alt #5. Today USA Metal Top-300; #418 Global

Top-5 ABQ Metal & Alternative

Today I am once again Top-5 in ABQ Metal (#3) and in ABQ Alternative (#5). Well, ya know, what can I say? I love Rock n Roll and I love listeners.

Again: Top-5 Metal & Top-10 Alternative

Three weeks now (~ x 30 so far) "Robert W TownsenD" Top-5 Metal Albuquerque-area. Today USA Metal #303 & Global #509. "Robert W TownsenD: 1000 YEARS" Top-10 Alternative ABQ chart. Today climbed to #7.

Top 5 ABQ Metal again

#4 for five days following five days #5. Four years on the charts. Top 5 dozens of times. Fun stuff.

Up. Up the charts again.

#4 Metal in Albuquerque for 2 days, following 5 days at #5. Top 10 for 4 years. #1 Rock 2012-'13 for 4 months. Most-liked Rock since June 2012. Most-liked across all genres since July 2013. New Mexico's biggest and best music. 252,000 site visits. 172,000 song plays. 123,000 fans.

Top Five again, under my own name

I am #5 again in the Albuquerque Metal charts. This time as Robert W TownsenD, not Midnight Rock Opera. Hah!

My current two Top Five albums

Midnight Rock Opera is an Albuquerque Metal Top Five and 1000 YEARS is an Albuquerque Alternative Top Five

New Mexico's BIGGEST and BEST music

In July 2013 Midnight Rock Opera, the accidental hit album with 69000 fans, became the most popular internet music ever to come from the tiny state of New Mexico USA.

New music video from Midnight Rock Opera

Brand new music video from the Opera. Dracul King of Darkness: 2013 Trilogy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcINDrKxlSE