GPA TALKS featuring DJ Jeff Gatsby Part One

WOWW!! So privileged to have as our guest on GPA TALKS.... DJ Jeff Gatsby. Welcome Sir!!

Blogger, Freelance Journalist, Public Access TV Producer, Talk Show Host and fan of all genres In African-American Literature Jeff “DJ Gatsby ” Wilson has decided to release his first book about the Authors. Well known as the founder of DJ Gatsby Book Club and WB Media Group he has spent over almost 3 years meeting, interviewing and getting to know hundreds of African-American Authors & Publishers.

After moving to Southern Maryland from New York in 2011 he started DJ Gatsby Book Club and they went on to have their 1st Annual “Urban Literary Awards” Presentations in 2012. Also in 2012 he obtained his Television Production Certification from the College Of Southern Maryland and became a Public Access Television Producer. Later on that year he went on to Produce & Host ”The Talk Show With DJ Gatsby” becoming the first graduate from the ”Digital Media Certification” program to do so. “The Talk Show” airs on the Comcast & Verizon Public Access Cable TV Channels In Charles County, Maryland.

In 2013 he started the WB Media Group which brought all of his ventures under one umbrella. WBMG became not just an Advertising & Marketing Company dedicated to helping Authors promote their books and build their brands but the Executive Television Producers for “The Talk Show” along with the Manager & Booking Agent for ”DJ Gatsby” and his ”Disc Jockey” career.

With the release of “Who’s Who In African-American Lit Vol. 1″ DJ Gatsby hopes to introduce today's fans and readers to some young and upcoming authors as well as some of the New York Times Bestselling authors they may have never heard of.

*The release of ”Who’s Who In African-American Lit Vol. 1″ is schedule for 2016, it will be published by WBMG Publishing and be available in both Kindle & Paperback.

Jeff “DJ Gatsby” Wilson Host of “The Talk Show” WBMG/DJGBC Office: 914-483-9496 email: djgatsbyx@yahoo.com www.twitter.com/djgatsbyx www.youtube.com/djgatsby www.djgatsbybookclub.wordpress.com www.livestream.com/djgatsby www.facebook.com/groups/DJGBC https://www.facebook.com/DeeJayGatsby

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Conversations with Kottyn(Angelica's Box Listening Party)


Warning: should not be listened to at work

GPA TALKS featuring Arkeya Keys

This is G.P.A.'s version of Black Friday. We have award winning Book Club president and stellar author Arkeya Keys to GPA TALKS.


Arkeya "Keys" Lee lives in Gary, IN with her twin boys. She is currently signed as an Independent author to her own company Keys & No Lock Presents. She also runs an award winning online book club called, Keys & No Lock Book Club. Keys is currently a phlebotomist and currently seeking a degree to become a Surgical Technician. She plans to expand her brand, club, and readers. In the future she would like to write a children's book as well as try her hand at other genres. She has recently created her own lane with her latest work, Medicinal Love, combining medical and urban. Enjoying her new direction writing has remained a first love. Stay tuned to embark upon her future works and projects.

Instagram: arkeys_ Facebook: Arkeya Keys Amazon Page: http://www.amazon.com/Keys/e/B00GA8ACNG/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1447731746&sr=8-1

James Gordon on the clinkhole


GPA TALKS featuring Lance Keeble

This brother and I go back to my LOEP(League of Extraordinary Poets) days. Welcome to GPA TALKS...Lance Keeble!!!

Lance Oliver Keeble is an American Author based in Los Angeles, California. At a very young age he fell in love with Art, Music, Acting, Writing and American Football. He participated in all of those activities throughout his young life. After a brief stint at CSULB, he became a firefighter to support his bourgeoning family. Lance Oliver Keeble is a fan of Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action, Thriller, Comic-book, Graphic Novels and other various forms of fiction. He is prolific at poetry, short-stories, children themes, comic-book scripting as well as novels. He has published poetry in anthologies and a superhero comic strip in several magazines and has a graphic novel in development. His current novel took 25 years to complete. Some of his favorite authors include: Joe Nazel, Orson Scott Card, Stephen King, Stephen R. Donaldson, Piers Anthony, Anne Rice, Tananarive Due, Steven Barnes, Chuck Palahniuk, John Byrne, Frank Miller, Howard Chaykin, Dwayne McDuffie, Edgar Allen Poe, Homer & Dr. Suess. Lance Oliver Keeble was born, raised and lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter. Lance is a Father of 7 children and a Grand-Father of 4. His current novel is a Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller titled Globes Disease.

GPA TALKS featuring Joey Pinkney Part Two

Let's pick up where we left off with superstar reviewer Joey Pinkney

Also published in 2015, “Children in the City of the Fallen Towers: A Short Story” showed a serious side to Pinkney’s writing capabilities and also expanded his range of characters. “Fallen Towers” is about two Hispanic children trapped in their grandmother’s one-bedroom apartment after the death of their mother in the 9/11 Attacks. More than a few readers expressed that they cried while reading this story, which didn’t really have a happy ending.

As of the writing of this bio, Pinkney released another short story in 2015: “To Catch A Book Cover Model: A Short Story.” This tale is about the adventures of a young man determined to get his books signed by his favorite book cover model. Full of humor and twists and turns, this story keeps its readers on their toes until the very end. Whereas “Fallen Towers” made readers cry, “Book Cover Model” makes people laugh.

Will Joey Pinkney write and publish longer works - like novellas and novels? Hopefully. But in the meantime, he’s focused on taking advantage of the short story format and the increase in readers who want to find something they can read in less than an hour on their cellphones or other Internet-enabled devices.

“Thank you, G.P.A., for having me on your blog. We’ve been going back and forth over different media for years. I’ve interviewed you a few times and the other way around. Always an honor and a pleasure. Keep doing what you’re doing the way you’re doing it. Much love and respect.” ~ Joey Pinkney

Social Media and website links can be found here: http://about.me/joeypinkney

“Cardinal Rule: A Short Story” on Amazon Kindle: http://h1t.it/1IaLqIc

“E.A.R.L.I.N.E.: Poetry Inspired by Cardinal Rule” (with Earline Jones) on Wattpad: http://h1t.it/1NVOvCT

“Children in the City of the Fallen Towers: A Short Story” on Amazon Kindle: http://h1t.it/1KkD32I

“To Catch A Book Cover Model: A Short Story” on Amazon Kindle: http://h1t.it/1Ok0UCV

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Pleasure to have you here

GPA TALKS featuring Joey Pinkney Part One

I'm so pleased to have this week's guest at GPA TALKS, your favorite reviewer's favorite reviewer and my pal, Joey Pinkney.

Welcome JP!!!

Joey Pinkney is a chocoholic, a social media enthusiast, a book reviewer, an author interviewer and an author.

Pinkney’s love for the written word extends deep into his past. Early in his reading life, he was given a set of Childcraft books and the Encyclopedia Britannica. Although the encyclopedia’s information was over his head, he still enjoyed the information that he gained from those volumes as he grew and matured.

When he started his website JoeyPinkney.com in 2006, he didn’t have a real direction in mind. His love of the internet and information gathering culminated into writing a blog about weight loss and acne prevention - to name a few tangents. As he hobbled along in his adventure with fleshing out a path for JoeyPinkney.com, he did book reviews for a few different websites.

Joey Pinkney began to hit his stride as a book reviewer, and he incorporated that into his website. He posted his book reviews and became known as one of the go-to people in the “Black Book World,” as he calls it. He began to promote books to give marginalized authors a platform to be seen and readers a place to see books and authors that they might not come across via mainstream media.

At one point, he received upwards of five books a week from various authors and publishers in the mail. His desire was to connect readers and writers, so he created the “JoeyPinkney.com 5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…” Author Interview Series in 2008. This author interview series grew from featuring Black authors to featuring authors of different racial backgrounds and creeds and even authors outside of the U.S.A.

In 2009, Pinkney heavily promoted author and books on MySpace. He was contacted by Author/Publisher Elissa Gabrielle to be a part of an anthology. After a lot of hesitation on his part and even more encouraging on her part, the result was his short story “Like Father, Like Son” in the “The Soul of a Man: A Triumph of My Soul Anthology.” It’s a story about a stepfather struggling to keep his family together while his stepson does crimes and his wife remains overly protective of her son. That anthology went on to win “Best Short Story/Best Anthology” at the 2009 African American Literary Awards Show.

Fast forward to 2015, Pinkney did not want yet another year to end without him publishing something - anything - as a solo venture. While struggling with trying to complete two novellas, a story idea hit him. Although “Cardinal Rule: A Short Story” came out to be a totally different story than what he initially envisioned, it had it’s full confidence. He took a chance and put the story out there via SolaPress Publishing. That story’s reception is a great starting point in the shift from Pinkney being known primarily as an author interviewer and book reviewer into being known an author also.

“Cardinal Rule” is a conversation between two lovers who can’t see eye-to-eye on love, life and their relationships. Pinkney took a character from a previously published short story and paired him with a feisty newcomer, Earline Jones. Their chemistry and her power were unmistakable; it struck a chord with his female readers. Pinkney took Earline Jones a step further and collaborated with her on a poetry set. Yes, you read that right: Pinkney co-wrote a poetry collection with a character from one of his short stories. Utilizing the Wattpad writing platform, he made the poems (and Earline’s foreword) free to read. Earline Jones has a few more stories on the horizon.

Pizzle's First Interview Ever

Just in case you missed it!!!



I'd like to welcome the 2015 National Poetry Awards Poetry Author of the Year and the 2015 UBAWA Poet of the Year, and my partner Kottyn Campbell!!!


The Softest Voice in Poetry! Kottyn pronounced (cot-ton) The Soft Spoken Poet, Queen of her Own & the Lady of Love

She is Queen, more than a triple threat, first she is a Writer, an Author, a Performer and then she is a business woman and her voice alone will have you hypnotized. She surpasses most poets because of her ability to become the character in her poetry. Kottyn cannot be compared to anyone she has been inspired by range from friends, family, acquaintances and most importantly God. Kottyn's goal is wanting to make a difference in the way people love and express that love in any relationship. Kottyn “SoftSpokenPoet has written books such as “He’s Beautiful to me”, “Strong in my woman” “The Love Letter”, “Sweet Mangos” “10 Reasons Why Black Men Stop Dating Black Women” and her most Recent Work #IAMPOETRY BELIEVE. Kottyn will release two books at one time in 2016 "God is Calling" and "The Greatest Love" Kottyn has participated in her second anthology “Nights Playground” Nocturnal Naughtiness which she came up with the title designed the cover and contributed her writing. Night’s Playground” is a GPA MEDIA INC Presentation. Kottyn is Poetry Her soft subtle flirty ways will give you the illusion that she’s speaking only to you. She enjoys and is passionate about love and relationship issues, how they can be improved; she does that through her poetic flow. Her desire to have love and to be loved has sparked her interest to write for those who can’t write or say what’s on their hearts. You can Follow Kottyn Twitter - @KottynSoftSpken IG - @softspokenpoet Facebook - @Kottyns Poetry Reverberation - Soft Spoken Poet

Kottyn is a business woman as well, she Markets and Promotes for GPA MEDIA INC. Kottyn is CEO of Writers Block Productions Kottyn has also started filming for her new reality show “Writers Block”.