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I don't get much of a chance to come onto Reverbnation these days. It is a very busy time for me. But I want to acknowledge and thank each and everyone of you that stop by and listen to my music and make such wonderful comments. I read them all! Thanks so much for encouraging me with your kind words.

Get to Know Me

We are living in a very disconnected society now despite the fact that we have social media to stay in contact. We are still experiencing the greatest social disconnect in many years according to researchers. Why do I bother with reaching out with music? The answer for me is simple. Music will always be there, not just in this generation, but following generations. There will always be those who will desire to know and connect to something other than themselves. Some will want to connect to even find themselves in this world that the individual claims to have power yet does not seem to have much power to do anything. Song writing and performing are life callings. Some will be famous, others will not. I'm not really interested in being famous. But I do desire to connect to people. I hope my songs are fun and also bring a message to you of what it is like to be an individual living in various parts of Canadian society. ~ Carla

Second Round!

Thank you all so much for voting! I'm in the second round. This next round is only ONE WEEK! Please continue to share with everyone that you know! We can do this! Voting starts now! You all have truly humbled me. I'm really feeling the love. THank you from the bottom of my heart http://music.cbc.ca/#/artists/Carla-Bonnell


I have entered the CBC Searchlight Contest which is a regional and nationally based contest. Voting occurs daily as many times as it will allow. Please help me by voting daily.


Thank You

I'm very grateful for the support that I have received on facebook and reverbnation for my music. There are so many great artists out there it really humbles me when I get a true fan, even one.

So tonight I thank you for adding to my life, and gifting me with the inspirational power of support!

Dream Never Dies Just the Dreamer

This is an old song I remember hearing on the radio when I was just a kid growing up in the 70's. The lyrics were powerful but even more powerful with the acapello mix to the chorus. It was a song that went into my heart and never left. It was a song with a life lesson.

Music is powerful in its own right, but there is something very deep and special when music is not just used to entertain, but to express the inner voice of an individual to the heart of another. It breaks down barriers.

I know many artists who are afraid to let that voice out. They need " help" to get their courage up to let their voice out. I had forgotten about this type of " nervousness" until I played last night. Strangely enough, someone spoke to me about this very thing before I took my place behind the mic. They asked me if I was nervous. It seems that I appeared nervous to them. It was more like I was psyched and ready to go moreso than nervous.

He brought up an interesting point in this small conversation. He said, just be yourself. People want to hear you, not someone else.

I thought about since my performance last night. How truly music is about relationship building. Its a harmonic voice to the heart. Just as painting, sculpture and photography are a Visual Voice.

Performing is not just about the right sound, the right song, or the right venue and crowd. I don't think I will even use the word performance again. Its about me, sharing private pieces of my heart, taking a chance with you. You are taking a chance back with me, to see if you can hear it and handle how it affects you. Its a dance of intimacy that leads to relationship. Its a seed that blooms over time into whatever you, the creator of truth, wants to see mature.

I learned much in the " performance" last night. By sharing, I found out a little bit more who I am, what truly scares me, and what makes me take off in flight.

I also experienced the goodness in people that we fail to see in our busy lives on a day to day basis.

No need to medicate this artist. I haven't used artifical means to calm myself in many years. Being authentic is the only way to truly have a voice. I'm not afraid to know you, and I'm not afraid for you to know me. There is no artificial means between us. There is no third wheel.

Drugs and Alcohol are lies. They do not make an artist better or braver. They are a third wheel distraction to what most people are truly afraid of... honest intimacy. Why? Because most of us are afraid we will be judged and rejected. Why? Because we feel we need to perform when in all essence, we just need to be our authentic selves and let people have the chance to know who we truly are under our social masks. We might be very pleasantly surprise.

When you Let things go

I feel a little philosophical tonight. I was thinking of the opportunities before me that were present just a few short months ago. The only thing that changed was my focus in music was forced to shift. I didn't have the time anymore. Life was too demanding. My 18 year old daughter at the time scolded me for just existing and not " living". I listened but didn't really know what I could do about it during that period of my life.

God has seasons. For something to be born, something has to die. Each experience is a song. Each experience is a living testimony. That season has passed and now its time for the harvest :)

My Father is Being Inducted into the Quesnel Hall of Fame

Musical memories By Annie Gallant - Quesnel Cariboo Observer Published: September 30, 2008 5:00 PM Updated: September 30, 2008 5:57 PM Four musicians honoured in Entertainer Hall of Fame Five people poured over a mountain of possibilities for Entertainer Hall of Fame inductees. They chose four. This year’s inductees will be honoured at the 2nd Annual Quesnel Entertainers Hall of Fame Award Dinner and Dance, Oct. 11, Legion Hall. Doors open at 5 p.m. Autry’s Gang starts at 8 p.m. “Last year was a learning curve for the committee,” committee member Colleen Combs said. “One thing we learned is there are just too many talented musicians past and present in this town to just acknowledge one person at a time. “This is not a talent contest, it’s an acknowledgment of the talent in Quesnel over the years.” The four inductees include Frank McKelvie, Bill Kazimirchuk, Ted Kazimer and the late Rick Meyers. McKelvie has 50 years making music and many local residents have fond memories of when his band played their wedding or danced the musician’s tunes around town. The accordion was his instrument of choice. McKelvie is still active with the Old Time Fiddlers organization. Brothers Bill Kazimirchuk and Ted Kazimer are being inducted independently but their music has been tied together for years. They were both members of the Corn Huskers, Bill on accordion, Ted on mandolin. Ted owned Ted’s Music Store in Quesnel and was instrumental in starting the Old Time Fiddlers. They played local dances, Legion events and weddings. Both are still actively playing music. Rick Meyers died Dec. 14, 2007, he was 58 years old. He started singing in Quesnel in 1973 with the Rhythm Aces – Lloyd Wheeler, Don Redden, George Yendrey and Dwayne McDonald. This group became Band on the Run when Lloyd retired and Ray Nelson joined. Meyers recorded Bobby McGee and his own song Lonely Man in Vancouver in 1976. With his brother Freddy, Rick toured B.C. and Alberta with Ray Nelson as Cariboo Express. He also did a solo act around Duncan between 1982 – 1992. “Music is very important to small rural communities,” Combs said. “It’s a chance for the public to get up and dance, musicians can jam with others and music nurtures new and emerging musicians. “Live music is more real, more personal than recorded music.” Combs said these awards honour some of Quesnel’s earliest musical roots and lays the foundation for a comprehensive anthology of music in the community. “Musicians in Quesnel deserve to be recognized for their hard work and dedication to the music industry,” she said. “In my humble opinion, this should have been started 20 years ago.” This year, a book will be circulated to allow those attending to add names to the committee’s growing list. As well, a scrapbook will be displayed on inductees. Inland Kenworth Parker Pacific sponsors the award plaques, one for the wall in the Legion and one for the inductee to keep. However, Combs said they are looking for a sponsor for a band inductee next year. She is very appreciative of everyone who has helped make Entertainers Hall of Fame possible. Tickets for the dinner and dance are $20 at Circle S Western Wear or by calling Combs, 250-992-6290. Cariboo Express, the song on my website is in honor of my Dad and his band. He left me too soon

Still Working on it

The songs that I have put on this site are demo scratch versions. We are still working on the finished part and have much more mixing to do. I am excited that the project should be coming into completion this fall! All comments are welcome, and I'm looking forward to getting to know more musicians and artists through this site. Maybe someday there can be some collaboration! :O)