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Falling into music / Farewell to Summer

Although Labor Day signals the official end of Summer, I can't shake the peaceful feeling I had walking along the beaches of Florida's Emerald Coast a couple of weeks ago. There is truly nothing more beautiful and awe-inspiring than looking out across the vastness of variegated blues, purple, and green as they seamlessly meet the sky. I found myself completely unaware of time or daily worries and lost all sense of self just standing there on the edge of the sand, the water tickling my feet. Needless to say, the beach serves me well as inspiration and soothes my soul. In honor of that gift, I bestow one upon the beach. Please watch my video for "Summertime" and lose yourself in the beauty of all the images that evoke the smell of salt in the air and sand between your toes. Enjoy!

Only the beginning

I can hardly wait to release my debut EP "3 Octave Martini!" It was an amazing experience and was incredible hearing my music come to life in the hands of such talented musicians. I'm riding a tidal wave of creativity and endorphins and will be updating this site and several others in the coming days, so check back soon. Oh my... the cabana boy just arrived to top off my drink, and to make him stand here would be terribly rude. Since I have impeccable manners, I'll have to save my thoughts for another day...