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I got soul

If you haven’t heard Kallay’s new single Church Music prod by Ace La your missing out. this single has been picked up by some major blogs on the net. HotNewHiphop, FakeShoreDrive, Ego Trip,.. ete. Now its here. if you haven’t heard it yet. click here to see what all the buzz is about. https://soundcloud.com/kallay/church-music-ft-mc-tree-g-glc

Hear The Oregon Play

I'm back at it again with Kallay New Single Church Music Feat. Mic Tree G & GLC Prod By Ace La Mixed by L10 More info Coming Soon

UnderDawgs Made it to 10,000 plays!!

I'm Greatful to hear that the song I produced called "UnderDawgs" has 10,000 plays. Thank you to everyone that Listen to the song. here is a lil extra info on the song. not only did I do the prodution for the song. but I also provided some of the background vocals as well. There is my music to come in the month of February. Stay turn and keep listening to UnderDawgs at: https://soundcloud.com/kallay/underdawgz

Beware of the Underdogs

Kallay is set to release the 1st single of his new Mixtape ”The D.R.E.A.M. ep”..... Click Here to Read More: http://ace-la.tumblr.com/post/107711258551/beware-of-the-underdogs

Tony World Mixtape

A beat produced Ace La is on a new MixTape by Tony Gramz called 'Tony's World' you check it out on : http://mixconnect.com/listen/DJ+EL+%26+Tony+Gramz+-+Tony+World+Mixtape-mid37646

Getting back in full focus

I might be going into isolation for a while to regroup my creativity and peace of mind. It seems that my focus is there. But I'm not totally focused like I used to be. So with that being said. This doesn't mean I'm not going to stop making beats. Its just the opposite. I'm going to make more beats. I just won't be online as much and I won't be too much on the computer if I start this isolation. That means I might go for weeks on end without being online. That means I'll probably be non-stop music all the time. Mind you I've did this before. I just never told anybody. It just seems like lately, I have not been doing what I supposed to be doing to keep myself in focus in my mind. I want to get back to being a drummer again as well as working on other instruments and working on music on my computer without internet service. My dreams and what I want to do in life are to important and that's why I'm doing this for myself. I don't know when I'll start but I also won't be able to tell you when I'm starting. So this is just me telling you if I'm not on and you start to notice its because of this. And it actually makes me excited about it but at the same time I'm still in the preparation stages for this. So thank you to those that are supporting me and my music and my positivity and creativity and I will be back with great material. #MindOfMusic

The Loner is here

Finally !!!!! It’s Here!!!!! You can now listen to the whole “#MindOfMuisc Vol:2 The Loner” BeatTape Enjoy!! Producer: Ace La Mixing and Editing: Ace La Cover art by: Mr. Miyagi All Rights Reserved© 2014 by WLHRecordings Click Here: https://soundcloud.com/wlhrec/sets/mindofmusic-vol-2-the-loner

#MindOfMusic Vol:1 The Student

Finailly This is what you all be waiting for "#MindOfMusic Vol:1 The Student"

I could of done this with out My bros Purp Man Major and Mr. Miyagi so thank them as well.

So enjoy!! Like it, Comment, Share it, Spread it. Let everyone know we out here!!

Ace La #MindOfMuisc


Ace project

Ok it’s get close to my Birthday and for the pass 2 yrs I Made a beat for my Birthday. Well this time I’m Gonna do it a lil differently. I can’t give to much detail about it. but I can say it’s a first for me doing this. More details will unfold in the next few weeks.

Ace La #MindOfMusic

Glorified, Motivated

Here is what yall all been wait for the Track list for "Glorified, Motivated" which comes out on the 27th 1.Intro (prod by Ace & Miyagi) 2.Money,Thirsty, Love,Hungry (prod by Miyagi) 3.Traveling (prod by Ace La) 4.Her Last Summer (prod by Ace & Miyagi) 5.Sunrise (prod by Ace La) 6.First Place Pussy(prod by Miyagi) 7.Her Lust Demons (prod by Ace & Miyagi) 8.Janet, Mariah, Halle (prod by Miyagi) 9.My Turn Up (prod by Ace La) 10.Ben Franklins And Kush Blunts (prod by Ace & Miyagi) 11.Mr. Miyagi (prod by Ace La) 12.Satin Sheets (Feat. Ayane) (prod by Miyagi) 13. Not About That Life (prod by Ace & Miyagi) 14. Tumblr Ratchet Music (prod by Miyagi) 15.How Deep is your love (prod by Ace La) Bonus Track: Legendary Forever (prod by Ace & Miyagi)

So Plz!! hashtag #Legendary4ever on twitter to @wlhrec and @ThyBlasianPanda to let us know you gonna listen to it.