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AMERICAN'T: A MANIFESTO... or something

it wasn't the jews. we killed jesus, and the four of us were blessed by the devil himself to rock n roll. and ever since that first easter morning when the Big J himself came back all zombie-like we have been at war with religion, politics, conformity and sobriety.

pretty much all the standard themes apply here: fuck the fucking pigs and the guv'ment. fuck trends and fashion and fancy gizmos. put hope in yourself and freinds and badass-ness and watch this rotten society crumble under the weight of its excess. so what separates us from a ba-billion other punk bands saying the same thing? who fuckin cares! shit needs to be said and done. we all love punk fucking rock. we have been involved in our local DIY community for years. puttin on shows, playin in bands, doin zines. we have all traveled this land spreading our blend of craziness and we won't fuckin stop til this world returns to being our playground and not just a cockfight for the rich and powerful. until every cop is dead or turns their gun on their commanding officer, then we will still sing about hating the fuckin police.

so we hope you like it, but if not, make something of your own to offer in your underground community. put up or shut up. we'd like to make ours even more fun and wild. or explode in the process, whichever comes first.