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Some Drift Flaw Cultural Interests

Drift Flaw values honoring personal liberty, with aim to allow for enough pertinent personal choice by each person, while also limiting freedom to not tolerate a person using it to unjustly harm or assault others. Legal systems are only there as later recourse, and to guide police as to procedure. Otherwise we common citizens stand as the only wards of fair liberties amongst people, when conflict arises socially with us nearby to offer involvement, with police response too long coming which leaves matters often up to us. Drift Flaw supports policies fostering social equality amongst humans in such a way that human rights of way between different people are always uniquely and thoughtfully considered such that fair discernment is defended while unjust discrimination is not. Drift Flaw applauds any reforms by governing authorities to defend personal dignity, by leaning by default to treating any citizen who might be reported or rumored as ill-behaving as likely deserving a better approach than that. Too often citizens in the poor light of sketchy information about events are handled too cautiously and reactively as if the person in question might likely be the worst possible threat to a community, an overly conservative stance that stomps on the people truly at risk. Drift Flaw values expansion of new energy sources for the long future, and efforts to curb pollution, feeling that is the truly pertinent threat and not simple energy consumption amount, which Drift Flaw feels is not the issue so many available and budding energy technologies. Burn the watts freely, just cleanly. Drift Flaw has interests in naturalist philosophies and religious angles, such as animism and religious pantheism, with open wonder about what might be the wide array of actual natures to the will and awareness of non-animal fixed-object lifeforms, such as all that surrounds us in modern life, what large primal land segments rest deep below us, and what moves by in the winds above us.