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Pit Stop - 4.13.13

Hi Babies, what a groovy, fab, rad time at the Pit Stop Tavern in lovely west Denver. Thanks to Kurt at the Pit Stop and the Hollywood Farmers for the rock.

New Stuff

Hi Babies. We're working on some new tunes. Hope to see you out at our next gig. And, remember, we love each and every one of you.


Come on down to the show tonight at Larimer Lounge you bunch of babies, Rock will roll. Adults will be dressed foolishly. Drinks will be sacrificed to the gods of prankishness, tomfoolery, and general mayhem. British nuns will nun for fun, gestapo pussy will be ranched, and babies will spew forth from the drains, all for your twisted addiction.


Thanks for all who came to our show at LL on the 23rd. Great rocking time had by all.


Howdy, Babies.

Thanks for coming to the show last Saturday at the Oriental Theater. All hail Gretchen C.

Richie Ramone killed it! MF Ruckus was a rollicking good time! Straight Outta Luck was a punky blast!

Howdy Babies

We're the DrainBabies from Denver, Colorado USA. We hope that you'll enjoy our garage punk rock. Now get.