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The World Of FDS

Just thought we would give an update/ our thoughts on what has been and what is to come. A big thanks to everyone who has ever come to any of our shows. Our first one back in December was just so much fun and for a first gig couldn't have been better. It was such a relief to finally play after almost a year of writing and jamming. Since then we have added a few more tunes and slowly getting more relaxed with our songs and playing live.. our last gig at the Imperial shows such a difference from our first gig. We have added a 2nd guitarist which has helped fatten the sound as well as open more avenues for ideas with our songs. Over the next few months we hope to play some more gigs so just get in touch if you know of any. We also should be finishing our Debut release in the form of a 6 track E.P. We will give away a little thank you before we officially release this so keep an eye out.

Thanks again to everyone who seen us or we have played with, you all rock \m/