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Travelbong's Record at the Studio

Well last night was a night that no one in the band will ever forget. We got the honor to go out and record in a top notch recording studio. Markosa Studio is amazing. You walk in the door and the first thing you notice is all the hard wood floors and that no wall is parallel. There is an amazing wooden art structure on the ceiling to help with sound. The Drum room had me drooling. Had an amazing drum set that i just had to jam on. The sound was rich and you could tell you were in the real deal. It had vocal Isolation rooms and the most impressive control room i have ever seen. You could easily forget that you were in Mission Ks and not in Sony Studios in LA. Mark really knew how to run his equipment. We recorded all the instruments with mic's and the lead vocal tracks. then we went back and laid down the backup vocals and harmonica rifts. While mixing our sound he found a missing bass note. He went back and copied a previous note and inserted it into the proper place. You can't tell at all. We are going back on Monday to lay down a few more tracks and see how the Mastering is coming. Look for our CD release party to be coming this summer for the Brand New Famous Seamus and the Travelbongs. Until then Remember everyone has been a Cranberry Goon once in their lifetime!

Look Im Blogging

So kind of new to this whole blogging thing so I guess all i have to say is The fans we have are amazing and I hope to see more of you at everyshow and make new ones with the help of sites like this