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W.F.F.! Releases 'Z-Rated'

The 7th track of 'Retreader'!

W.F.F.! Releases 'Bluesmoker'

The 6th newest instrumental on Retreader!

W.F.F.! Inflates to #1~!!!

Thanks to all the 'Fans of Flats!'

W.F.F.! Big in Bulgaria~!!!

Fans of Flats! raving about W.F.F.~!!!

W.F.F.! Deflates to #2!!!

But releases "AGLM-SR" anyway!!!

W.F.F.! Releases M.O.M.!!!

4th track of 'Retreader'

W.F.F.! Inflates to #1~!!!

4th Track of 'Retreader' in Production!

W.F.F.!-Releases '4G2B'

3rd Track of the 'Retreader' Album

W.F.F.!!!-Releases 'Sidewall'

2nd Track of the 'Retreader' Album.

W.F.F!... Back In The Studio!

High PSI is the lead track on the forthcoming album, 'Retreader'.