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New Project coming out!

We have set up and recorded around 10 cover songs in a live studio session. We'll have around 10 to 12 more coming out too as a second part. It will be free for download right on our reverberation account. Will be releasing it soon. Probably on song at a time. Will be up on youtube for sure and possibly our sound cloud. thanks everyone. there will be a six song, full band, ep coming eventually as well. thanks so much!

Changing in Recording

We have decided it's just too much money to do the project in the studio. But, i have ordered my own bad ass condensor mic and i have everything else i need to get a great record here at my home studio. Thanks mom and dad for everything. now we will be back on track to get these records out! still need logos and art work and photos but that will come. thinking about doing full band/electric versions of the singles off the cd as an e.p. but we are still on it. Really need to find time to hit up more bars to try to get more gigs. but play with josh solamon has kept me out there. Thanks a lot everyone and i hope our music can get into your cars cd player!

Rainy Day

Rainy day. Went to the studio to try and get more vocals done but i'm pretty sick and it wasn't happening today. Will go back next saturday to get the rest done for these four songs. I am though, getting a lot of editing done for what we have done. Taking it easy and just putting it together. I believe Bryans getting a new Guitar soon wich will be so sick. Get at me!

Studio session

Fist session went very well! Got four songs down. i just need to do vocals to two more of them. going back in on thursday then its mixing time! Sounding really good so far. i hope people start digging this stuff.

Last day of practice

last day of practice in the morning before our first studio session. Will get a lot done our first day. we're knocking out four songs. I'm going to rest my voice tomorrow cus it's starting to give a little bit but a day of rest and i'll be ready to roll. Thanks everyone. I'm trying to push this cd hard and really make this effort count. Hopefully this album will get me going somewhere in wilmington at least. Get at me!


Still getting songs and parts together for the studio. There's a lot left to do like get art work done, get proffesional photos, among just finishing up the wrighting process. No shows untill saturday.

Tonights Show

Played Black Sheep Tavern Last night. Went well and met some new people. Bryan is out of town this weekend so I'm going to be soloing The Triangle Lounge tonight. I'll be lerning new songs soon so that everyone at the Lounge doesn't have to hear the same thing every week! It should be a good night. Hopefully the rain doesn't put too much of a damper on things!