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I would just like to tell all who are interested why I do music. Its important to know why someone is doing something I think and I would like to share that with my G-humans & supporters.

I been in love with rap before I was in love with God. So for starters rapping and music has ALWAYS been something I was just naturally drawn too. So when I came to God its naturally changed the subject matter of what I rapped about. So I rap now for these reasons: 1. To make music that honors the Lord & the way of life He wants us to live. 2. Because music is a part of both my heart & my life. 3. And to work for myself & provide a income to aid in the care of my family, friends, loved ones, & any one I feel God is leading me to help.

So because of my needs my marketing & branding is different. I don't crave fame. I don't crave being wealthy (by world standards), I only crave to get you a message & make an income that will feed my family & provide to make more music and take care of the bills! any thing more than that is just God showing off (Bruce almighty)hahaha :)

So other artist regardless of faith I want to encourage you to just make the music you feel. Forget what people say you should do. You won't find the people waiting to support you if your not being YOU!

Today is a wonderful day to come to God if you haven't done so already. :)


The most powerful thing I learned from Jesus(my blog my personal opinion lol) is when Jesus was in the final moments of being crucified. When He was very much afraid of the burden that was coming but He prayed for the strength to do it. He prayed to be able to do His Father's will over His own in that moment.

We act like we are all slaves to what we feel. Our feelings make us do all sorts of things. But even though Jesus felt all that fear, He still did what He knew was right. Jesus showed us how to overcome feelings that want us to do the opposite of what God wants. Jesus shows us that God and His will must be chosen even when everything in our body may feel different. In those times its even more critical to strive for His will and not our own. Stop giving up on God just because....you feel like it. God bless you and I hope that this hits home with you the way it did with me or greater. See you on the next blog :)


I was taking my morning walk when something amazing happened....a REVELATION!!!!! This revelation is helping me stay motivated on this long road to becoming the artist I'm working toward being and I hope it can help you too in whatever area of your life it fits.

I was walking down the service road(on the side where cars can't travel of course lol)and the road I was walking on is under-construction. It was a very long straight away as far as my eyes could see. It was nothing in the way, no unfinished parts, holes, or anything of the sort. Two lanes free of traffic so I started to play a game with myself lol. I would walk with my eyes closed lol.

Now what I noticed was as long as my eyes were open I felt fine, confident, and I could walk down the empty two-lane straight away without a care in the world. When I closed my eyes and walked down that same road I had a much different experience. I began to feel intense fear! Fear of a car coming down this side of the road by mistake and running me over. Fear that I was walking into one of the side barriers that divide the unfinished service road from the active part of the service road. I could feel the slightest imbalance in my walk. The wind seemed to push me off the straight path that I remembered in my mind before closing my eyes and made me nervous and so on...

What I noticed is that I tend to get fearful with my music career the same way when I can't see where I'm going. Its not that I forgot where I was going or even lost direction, because I knew like walking the service road all I really need to do is walk striaght. As far as I could see nothing was in the way yet the longer I walk with my eyes closed I became uncertain of what I just saw in full 15 seconds ago lol. And when things get at a point in your career where things get stale and seem slow and unproductive, even though you are doing everything you know you need to do. Its something about when you can no longer SEE results that makes you become unsure of the most well laid out plan.

It will be times where we must walk in faith during our mission of doing that career you are passionate about. Know that on your journey things will look hopeless in spots! When things start looking hopeless or when you can't see where you're going, it don't matter that you know where you're going, FEAR WILL SETTLE IN AND MAKE YOU DOUBT A PLAN YOU ALREADY SAW IN FULL. I could open my eyes at anytime and get the reassurance that everything was still the way I saw it 15 seconds ago, but life is not that luxurious. In fact, when we can get that refresher we need when we want it we can honestly destroy our goals trying to walk in that fear that not being able to see can cause. So trust God, trust your plan, and constantly remind yourself that you believe in the road you are walking and ignore the fear and keep moving forward. May God bring shalom into your homes and call you to His service. By: Orev Shalom