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Do you need God or a Work Ethic????

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I was watching this video and learned a few nuggets(now warning this is LiL Wayne so should you choose to watch EXPECT PROFANITY).

In this video I found no mention of The Most High God as the reason for the huge financial success he has had in his pretty much life long career. I think about how most I come across honestly say they hate his music more than love it(Lol I'm aware that the people I have access to do have a prejudice against his music subject matter and lifestyle).

No matter how our entire planet as a whole feel about Wayne & his music, against the billions of people who don't support him or his music, he has managed to live a life of doing what he loves, famed for doing what he loves, and has built financial security for him, his family, & any loved ones.

He credits it all to his work ethic. Turning down opportunities to play and do the "nonconstructive fun" to work at his chosen career path. The way he describes working I have never seen a human work like that toward music ever.......not even myself........and regardless of their faith in God or not, none of us(meaning the circle of humans I know)has achieved anything physically close to what he has. I personally know humans who's music to me dances circles around the music Wayne is making millions with!

That makes me have that much more respect, because he has taken a talent that I feel is inferior to what I hear and made a true living. We believe in God but he didn't credit God, he raps and write songs.....so do we, he buys things he likes and so do we, but the way he works is the anomaly! We don't force work when it comes to music, instead we wok when something falls in our lap. I don't have one memory of just one month that was filled with nothing but mind bending work toward music and the business of it....but listening to Wayne that's all he knows.........and that's the difference between why he is where he is and why we are where we are with the same trade.

This shows me physically that while a person who serves The Most High God gives thanks for everything in their life, I can't ignore that some things, especially if its physical, you just don't need God to get it. All you need is a real 16 hour a day work ethic.

So I look over things, I'm trying to accomplish and analyzing if I am going after things that require serving The Most High God o just a serious work ethic? For a long time I have equated a shortage of certain things as not being favored by God when I had that shortage all along because of my lack of wok ethic.

No longer will material things be a sign that I'm doing something right by The Most High God, but instead I will look toward the things that are the fruits of serving The Most High God as evidence of living a life pleasing to Him.

Wayne is proof that you don't need to be what the world considers as intelligent to make a living at what you love. Any fool can make money as long as they are willing to work like a fool for it, and how much more would a servant of The Most High God prosper in such matters should they add some work ethic along with their praise?


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Are you a Master or Slave

"I go to work with no days off/ Everything all paid off,".........2 Chainz

Now think of the $9 hr warehouse worker

I go to work with no days off and everything is not paid off

wonder whats the difference between the two?

One is doing what they want to do, and the other is doing what they have to do, and putting aside what they want to do. Only the individual knows if they are being a master or a slave. It's rewards of doing the job I want. It leads many to the life on Earth that I love. It's also rewards of just getting on somewhere to make some money to pay bills.....it brings a life of struggle......staying in the race of barely surviving financially...........my prayers are filled with asking God to provide me with money because it's so tight, not being able to praise but beg.......begging for a job spending days filling out apps, begging God for everything but what He put in me to really do.........then when I find a slave master it's long days and nights with short breaks in between.....doing the same task over and over everyday for 40 hrs a week......making enough money just to keep fed and coming back.........

I realized the difference between working 40 plus hours a week for them, and working 40 plus hours a week for me. In all honesty, I'm not working right now I'm just having fun with a hobby......it's been fun setting up the company I'm going to begin to run in 2014. But from the wise lyrics of 2 Chainz..."I go to work with no days off/ Everything all paid off," lol it's time to work!!!!

It's easier to be forced to work 40 hours or more a week, but when you are in the Master seat then it's up to you to make yourself work 40 hours or more a week. Instead of writing a song I'm watching tv, instead of handling paperwork I'm taking a nap, instead of going out to an event I'm going how to a movie and then when someone says hey we have a show or something I'm like cool I have a show time to go work!!!! lol While I'm having fun it's cool, but when I get into the business end of things from the wise lyrics of 2 Chainz "I go to work with no days off/ Everything all paid off," "It's no time to play if you're working!" Sounds like a good statement for the new company I will start, and the statement for my life will never change "To Fear Love Obey God in all I do"

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Why Do You Make Music?

As a indie artist beginning in this music industry, I have met with a lot of song critiques and assumptions as to why I rap. Listen to my first song "Just a Little Something", I have had people tell me they hated that song. I have had people tell me that I shouldn't have wrote it so personal because others can't relate to it. Bottom to the Top Level 19 I have been told that my lyrics sound uneducated. That the verses were boring and not as good as the 3rd verse. I have been told that the chorus is too simple and sounds as if not a lot of thought was put into it. I have had people just hearing the song after Drakes Started from the Bottom think I was influenced by him (like Drake is the originator of bottom to top songs lol I would have bit Sammie Bush if I was going to bite a Bottom to the Top song personally)or its just a low budget knock off of that song. And I have yet to profit a penny yet.........

So why do I keep making music then? After all for me serving God has nothing to do with my music. If I write a song o not serving God and striving to get closer to Him will continue. So I understand that me rapping doesn't have a I'm getting closer to God effect on my life(now for those that their music does, that's fine, I'm just talking about the effect my music has on my walk with Him only). So with the majority of humans who hear my music not liking it and only being a small few who do, why keep making music?

It's very simple, every song I make.........I'm talking to myself. In the same manner that I can talk to myself in a private room about what I'm going to do today, I talk to myself over music. In all honesty when someone says they don't like my music, it's like over hearing me talking to myself about something and then saying hey I think that's stupid. Lol my mouth will say to you I hate you are one of the many that didn't like it because you're not the only one by a long shot that feels that way lol, but in my mind I'm like I wasn't talking to you anyway hahahhaha. I only make music public because I know its a few in the population that would love to hear songs about the things I make songs about, but other than that I'm just rapping to myself. I love hearing those positive God Fearing God Serving lyrics in a song. And because its coming out of my mouth they have also been great reminders over the years to stay focused.

After all, I'm use to my talent not being liked by the public, but the one person who like and felt where I was coming from with both secular & spiritual songs..........was me. I loved my ideas. I loved every line and felt every line. So I realized listening to all my songs one day lol that I'm just talking to myself. So no matter how trashy a song is to another........it doesn't hurt my feelings. I'm mean what am I going to do .........stop talking to myself?????? HA!


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Notice how most services are about blessings in this world? It's not about getting into heaven anymore it's about R.O.C. THE NEW ROC the church is built on lol Return On Charity. People pay big money to hear you use scripture to make them feel like they are going to get paid today lol We got to stay on subject! I'll be like in my T.D. Jakes copycat preacher voice, Y'ALL WANT BENTLEY'S? YOU WANT TO FLY AROUND IN PLANES LIKE PASTOR OREV!??! THEN YOU GOT TO GIVE!!!!! GIVE A LOT TO GET A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEN I SAVE GET A LOT YOU SAY GIVE A LOT!!!!!!!! WE AH.....WANT YOU TO GET A LOT NOW! SO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO CONGREGATION AND YOU BETTER YELL IT ALL AT ONCE............GIVE A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAY WHAT!? GIVE A LOT!!!!!! NOW THE BIBLE SAYS FAITH WITH OUT WORKS IS DEAD!!!!! SO NOW THAT YOU HAVE THE FAITH TO GIVE A LOT IT'S TIME TO ACT ON THAT FAITH!!!!! IF YOU DON'T ACT THEN YOU DON'T WANT IT!!!!!!!!! DON'T YOU WANT TO GET A LOT!?!? LOL hahahhahahahhahahhahahhaha

It personally amazes me how wise they are to a huge majority of lifeforms when all you have to do is really get to know Him for yourself and study for yourself and it would show the panties to all their sermons.....

But that's when I realized I had a choice to make because once I got to a certain place with my Father.......I realized how easy it would honestly be to manipulate the masses. How easy it would be to take advantage of people who will only read the parts of scripture I point them too and trust my interpretation over their own.....I choose to live a life of not taking advantage of people but instead sharing wisdom instead of using wisdom to bleed your pockets. And that's what has to be done...... I had to choose who do I love most my Father or myself.........and I choose my Father over anything I know of.........

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Support Music

The type of music is never what holds a indie artist back....it's support plain and simple. When the people who love it forget to call stations, forget too spend the 89 cent online for the single, forget to tell their favorite stations to play it, forget to tell others about it......when people who love it forget......it don't matter if you spent a million on a song........it will only fall on the ears of who hate it and leave you confused because the people who loved it ......... forgot.........it's tons of indie artist who are just.....forgotten......not by humans or aliens who hate their music......but by humans and aliens who love their music......how can you win when people who love it forget........you won't......look around the people who love our music is hurting us way more than those who hate it......

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Finding Strength From My Negative Past

I learned a lot about myself committing crimes. As I think about it I am who I am today because I committed crimes. Before getting into a life of crime I was a very introverted person, passive, non confrontational, and was afraid of the idea of the things that crime brings. When I started committing crimes I found out I had a lot of qualities that before hand I would have thought I would pee my pants if this or that happened. I found out I could put my life on the line for what I wanted to do. I can go all in for the cause. I got beat up, jacked, arrested, shot at, guns pointed at me by police & citizens and even though I was scared I never left anyone hanging and I was always ready to do the max I could. I will admit that living like that was totally being something against who I really was, but I saw that I could push past what I felt and do the slap opposite boldly I realized that who I always thought I was wasn't who I really was either. Committing crimes showed me it was a boldness inside of me that playing video games didn't mature. That boldness is now active in my walk with The Most High God. I came to the conclusion that I have put my life on the line for a lot less than The Most High God so I think the moment I started applying what I ironically learned from going against His ways my walk with Him was strengthened. It let me know that the boldness I found was not wrong but just perverted. All of the things I have done and learned about myself in life makes up The servant of The Most High God you see today. I use to be ashamed of those experiences, but through those experiences mixed in with the things I learned in directly serving The Most High God, I realize now what is scripture means: Romans 8:28 28 Furthermore, we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called in accordance with his purpose; I no longer need to be ashamed of things that only later strengthened me and all praise goes to The Most High God and His Son for it not breaking me. I thank and love my family for all the prayers that kept me safe. Shabbat Shalom! Brandon Rawlins J. Twitter@BrandonRawlinsJ

My Search For The 0.5%

As an artist in America, trying to find my 0.5% of the population of over 315 million, I'm noticing that its really only a handful of artist who have found that or a little more. And it's an uncountable amount of artist that have not. And the uncountable amount of artist on average feels their music is better than some of those who have reach their 0.5%, and their minds are rocked why they're not advancing and at least doing double of whatever artist they feel they are blowing out the water.I'm thinking that the reason all these artist feel this way is because they are making music they feel and it's coming from a real place of what they wish they could hear. I'm thinking it's the reason most having a hard time listening to well crafted music outside of our own personal taste. If we don't like it then we think it's weird that everyone else don't share our outlook.Because each of our opinions has complete authority in our personal worlds, we forget that concerning things on a national or global scale, and even just with the person in front of us, our opinions are not absolute anymore once it collides with other opinions with just as much God-Given authority as yours. I'm thinking that is whats keep all of us artist yet to have find their 0.5% or more supporters in America, blind to the truth that is the reality of the realm we are living in......And that's I love the music I made, it hits all the issues I would personally love music to hit, the music glides just right for me.........but when I look at whats real.....as of today not even 0.000000003% of the population feels the way I feel about my music. In fact some even hates it. Even now I still don't know because well......the over 315 million of my countries population has yet to hear my music and what I do as an artist. And that's the problem that most of us under 0.5% artist are having.If you are thinking of giving up your music and it seems like you just can't reach your 0.5% then I encourage you not to quit until you know the population has passed on you.....and even if they population by landslide majority passes on you.....make music for your self because remember it was one person who LOVED IT....and that was you.Shalom!Brandon Rawlins J



John 14:13-17

Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

13 In fact, whatever you ask for in my name, I will do; so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 If you ask me for something in my name, I will do it.

15 “If you love me, you will keep my commands; 16 and I will ask the Father, and he will give you another comforting Counselor like me, the Spirit of Truth, to be with you forever. 17 The world cannot receive him, because it neither sees nor knows him. You know him, because he is staying with you and will be united with you.

If you love me you will keep my commands....or if you love me wait until my death and resurrection and you will be forgiven.....my commands are optional at that point...... I understand why Lucifer and a 3rd of the angels won't be forgiven....because they did the unforgivable sin......RIGHT IN GOD'S KINGDOM TO BOOT. In my personal opinion, I honestly don't feel it's a human being past, present, or future that meant as much to God as Lucifer did or do. I know it's a popular thing today to say things like the 10 commandments and the OT law is bondage and things like that, I just don't know how a human does it. Some of those laws were made up by the humans who were living for Him, but the ten is what God wrote on stone for Moses to give to the humans that would be His....the G-Humans. I am afraid as if someone has a pistol to my sons head about to shoot him to SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THE 10 COMMANDMENTS OR THE OT ALL TOGETHER! The Most High God went through such supernatural lengths to give that instruction....I was about to say I don't understand how believers can look at that life as death, slavery, obsolete, and optional but I do. When I was in habit of living in a casual opposite manner of what God's Word says, the idea of living like that, or at the very least really striving to live like that, all I saw is what I'm giving up. I realized I did what I loved and I loved my sin....that's why I did it. After almost as many years as I've been alive lol, I finally began to do the least that I can do as someone who loves Him and that's strive after His ways. What I experienced is that as more and more areas of my life went from striving to keep God's ways into keeping His ways into just simply 2nd nature becoming who I am......is when I saw first hand the power in keeping THE LAW, THE 10, THE OT&NT, I seen first hand how much striving after His ways has changed me and my life all together. And that's just doing the least I can do, I'm growing to be over and beyond excited about the day when I do it exactly the way The Father & The Son & all the great biblical prophets have taught and commanded.

To conclude, any relationship is strengthened because of acting like you want to be in a strong relationship.......and that's a mortal relationship.......do you really believe that the relationship with The Most High God is the only one you don't have to act like you want to be in?

Luke 6:46-47 Why do you call me Lord! LORD! and not do what I say? Those who come to me hears my words and acts on them!

Shalom Twitter@BrandonRawlinsJ

The Objection of the Term CHRISTIAN


I here people say they are not Christians and at one point after studying more Jewish and Hebraic translations of the bible I use to say that as well. After all Christian is really not in scripture and a lot of the mess about churches seem to be tied to the word "Christian" for most more knowledgeable believers.

So the definition of the word Christian as I found on google is this: (Please read it all)

A Christian (About this sound pronunciation (help·info)) is a person who adheres to Christianity, an Abrahamic, monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth as recorded in the Canonical gospels and the letters of the New Testament. "Christian" derives from the Koine Greek word Christ, a translation of the Biblical Hebrew term Messiah.[1]

Central to the Christian faith is the gospel, the teaching that humans have hope for salvation through the message and work of Jesus, and particularly, his atoning death on the cross 1Co 15:3 and resurrection 1Co 15:4. Christians also believe Jesus is the Messiah prophesied in the Hebrew Bible.[2] Most Christians believe in the doctrine of the Trinity ("tri-unity"), a description of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This includes the vast majority of churches in Christianity, although a minority are Non-trinitarians.

Now the term is not biblical but in the times we live in this is what people of our planet will call a person who believes in Jesus as Lord right? Now I know a lot of people have bitterness toward Jesus and prefer His more Jewish name Yeshua but lets be real once again, either way depending upon the language being spoken you know Jesus and Yeshua for example to be one in the same person right?

language has been a confusing thing ever since the Tower of Babel. People who were once all working together toward a common purpose were thrown into confusion and divided themselves as soon as groups were struck with different languages.

So in keeping things simple and respecting all terms that mean the Son of God and all He did for the world as the sin sacrifice, if someone wants to call you a Christian and that's what you believe then the more I think about it WHATS THE PROBLEM!?



A Cain Minded Generation

If you do well will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin lies at the door. And its desire is for you, but you should rule over it.

This is what God said to Cain after he gave God a half a sacrifice and was angry because it wasn't received like his brother's was.

Here is how we know that we love God's children: when we love God, we also do what He commands. For loving God means obeying His commands.

Cain represents our generation today. I see a lot of us in Cain. His half a sacrifice represents to me the way we today abuse Yeshua's sacrifice. The mainstream idea of living a life saved by the Lord is the most wicked perspective I know in existence. The deception is so great among humans who adopted it as truth, because like Cain they fellowship with God, but obey God the way they feel like it and not in the way that's commanded of them by God.

Cain also killed his brother. Yeshua said that one of the greatest commands is to love your neighbor like you love yourself. In the same way Cain was angry at his brother for doing nothing but what pleased God and killed him for it, humans are angry and kill each other daily. Humans today do the same thing. Jealous of others who prosper in the Lord, and mad because the Lord won't bless them the same way when they don't half please the Lord the way they do.

We are a Cain minded generation. Its cool today to rely on God in a place of almost being destroyed, but if you noticed that's when Cain begged God for mercy. He was afraid that the people would kill him without the Lords protection. Yeshua commands that we treat others how we want to be treated. He was afraid of being murdered yet he murdered his brother at the slightest whim of emotion. We ask God to protect us from punishments we just inflicted on another. We are a Cain minded generation..........

Get into a praying fellowship with God.....Get into a studying fellowship with His word. Read His word from Genesis to Revelation and learn from the mistakes made by humans over the years. Find Gods instruction and begin walking the Narrow Gate of applying it to your life until you leave this earth. Please. We as a generation are so far away from the will of God and like Cain we don't even know it. He thought his half a sacrifice was good enough for the Lord, our generation thinks we are good enough.....don't be deceived.......