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Q&A About Truki SpeakZ Str8 1on1!!!

1. How did the name truki came about? at the age of 2 my father gave me the name due to being a problem child, doing pranks and things that were very conniving, so the name stuck. Truki Spanish For Trick/Prankster also known very well as a Problem child...

2. Whats your goal in the music industry? im tryin to set a mark for latinos to make them understand in a spanglish form the concept of hiphop and its music basicly not just about the dope and big cars n lavish life, but the struggle on how to earn a Dollar and know your mark as a man and the street code!

3. How do i feel about the state of hiphop at this present time? hiphop is always gona be around, but definitly it has become very commercial and less lyrical. I think it should be more concrete! Stick to its Roots..

4. What will you be doin to make a difference/or be different? i beleive actions speak louder then words, Just by my appearance im already makin an impact so why not get the mixtape and listen to my music and you tell me what you think about Truki!

5. When your not doin music or recording what else do you like to do? Fish, A Game Of Dominos and spend quality time with my loved ones..

6. When is all set and done what do you want people to remember about you? The only red cuban rapper that has dominated both english and spanish tounges and Created the term Spanglish Rap! and it will happen knowing that latinos are the biggest minorities!!!

7. Where were you born and raised? I was delivered in clara mass hospital in newark new jersey behind the 4 diamonds baseball field, raised between Newark New Jersey Tampa Florida And Miami Florida due to Personal Family Situations Had to be on constant Move..

8. Who are some of the influential people in the music business you have a relationship with? Well For Starters Good Friend and mentor Don Dinero, also local Artists Such as Buya Mia, Luiso El Diamante, K Lejind, E Money, Blaze, Restriccion94(Marlon Y Yunior)and Several Other Local Artists.

9. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Succesfully running a foundation supporting the youth thats dedicated and interested in Music N Arts.

10. At what age did you realize music will be part of your life? at 14 when i heard and saw my first cypher in high school, i then linked up with a good friend of mine Isaiah Glover and we started wrtiting rhymes in the middle of algebra class everyday. since then ive never stopped writing.

11. At what point did you decide you want to make music your career? When i was told you need a manager and get shit poppin.

12. Whats the name of your latest project? Dhat H.I.M stands for Dhat Hispanic Inflicting Malice

13. What are some of the citys that you will be promoting too? Every City and Major City I come Accross, Latinos Stand Up!!!


Stay tuned in... Tracks gettin posted weekly support the movement Latinos Stand Up!!! Mobsta Muzik 717.....F.A.D.E.D. "Its A Way Of Life"!

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