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welcome to the blog....that bloggy blog.....that is so...........bloggy......

Anyways, we are gaining new fans and we want to thank you all. Yes our songs are stupid but think of it as entertainment you can mosh too. keep up the fanbase growth and you shall all be rewarded with candy......I lied. there will be no candy.... but there will be youtube videos going up in the near future and new songs, and well anything we can do to entertain you all. so yeh thats pretty much it, keep up the good work and long live the ANUS Army .....ANUS has left the building...

EP bitches!

well, the ep is done and online, there is a behind the scenes video if you want watch it. new stuff in the works already, but we are doing some covers aswell so keep an eye out you ....you.....people.

One small step for man. One giant leap for A.N.U.S.

once upon a time in a college far away, in a lesson boring, wasting the day, two moronic individuals used a band generator we used the word anus, and a mascot as a potaturgh a list of immaturity and an urge to write music gave us some ideas, and therefore we used them and made band full of stupidity and offensive lyrics a sense of humour is what counts. woof woof, i'm a cow! We now roam the earth as... A.N.U.S.