lookin da network wit up @ coming artizt-add me lms

networking-add me- like my page-ill reture da favor



da answer @ key. one hand wash another-real talk

da movement

hardware ent


michael jackson was da best point blank-there will never be another mj-real talk-and to all da people dat disrespect da king- drop dead

hiphop iz dead-lyricz dont mean shit anymore

da artizts who create da best art are da onez who should get da mozt respect-rite now therez a movement of kill da message artizt-without certain artizt touching on civil ritez issues on black history and alot of other important issues alot of young black kids would be dum az hell-what stupid azz people dont know iz thiz iz something bigger than you think-there iz a reason certain labels dont fuck with so called message artizt-itz because they want you to be dum az hell-and it iz working-i only could imagine how da next generation will think-if they have a fuckin mind to think after these crackers finish killing hiphop.

hiphop da life style da muzic da art da truth

my opinion-to me hiphop was a platform built off of truth- love- respect-art-poverty-survivalism-knowledge-security-da revolution-n- hope.-muzic is medicine dat can heal da heart mind -n-soul- ant nothing in thiz world 100 percent positive without itz negativez real talk-hiphop for life

six in da ground

six in da ground

a real african-american gangster

rip da larry daviz-protect ya fame by any meanz nessasary even if dat meanz going da war with da beast -in beast stand for da pee eye geez-you heard-may our real soldgerz of war rest in peace-one