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Summer of Gigging, Yesssh...

We have a few gig listings up for June but we know we have more coming. We're even going to be hitting Cork in July. We'll put all info up as soon as we have confirmed dates. All I know is, our summer of Rock n'Roll is shaping up nicely, except the whole turning 27 thing. Ha, no worries got Halfmoon all dayer to keep this lil' mind happy. More postings to follow when we know anything at all more than a month and a general idea of a gig. Whoooo.....x


Yes it's on its way, EP is coming. We're just Guerrilla recording it up, running around studios and spare houses with the epic producer that is Martyn Hall. The TJ's got his mighty guitar licks downs and Dave's drums are sounding epic thanks to a few Rupert Neve loveliness, blagged like true pros of course. The Rich scarily got his Bass tracks down while nonchalantly chatting to us about if he concentrates it all goes wrong, clearly... I've (Jade) got me main Vox down after warming up in the sun and recording at the very kind Russ Shipton's, whom is slap bang in the middle of recording some more of his own musical goodness. Right, we're almost there just Andy's turn to go and yet another run around for somewhere to record. Got to love it.... X