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20 Songs that have inspired me

There is a full YouTube playlist including all 20 songs I listed. Unfortunately Reverbnation is unable to link my blog to this site. SO here is a link to my newest blog entry.


Debut Ep December

HELLO Fans, Friends, Family, and fellow musicians! Everything is Geared up for a Debut Release in December. I really appreciate everyone downloading "Wakin' Up" and "I Try". Considering the demand is there for the Free Songs, I will continue to provide Free Options with all of my Releases!

Message me and let me know that you Downloaded the song, I will keep you in mind for any new Freebies :~)

So Now it is getting close to December and the Debut EP will be released relatively soon. So what are you supposed to do until the EP is Released? Get Involved!!! I am reaching out and connecting hands all over the world. This is the time to take part in a musical journey that will last a lifetime. Follow on Twitter~ https://twitter.com/bon_evans Facebook~https://www.facebook.com/bonevansmusic

The last song, "Far Gone Happy" is in it's final stages of Mixing and Mastering. We are preparing to get some Video Chats Set up online soon. So in the meantime, Message me with a request to take part in the Video Chat.

Thank you for Reading, Listening, and Sharing. P.S. All of my online songs are in Mp3 format. Which is great for sharing, But when on the EP they will be full WAV songs, The Clarity is amazing. Easy link to songs :~)

Wakin Up

Releasing the fifth song on YouTube! So be sure to Check it out. There or Here.

Hope the day is treating you right

Enjoying the Buzz! New Music This Week!

Lets keep It up! I appreciate all the support from Every Direction! I am releasing a new song this Week! So come back to keep listening.

These are the days we can look forward to. Message and give your Feedback. Always enjoying And forever Exploring! Smiles for Miles, from Ear to Ear :~)

Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JGjrG-7KUw

Find me On Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bonevansmusic

Bon~ :~)

Third Single "Mallory" Just Released!

After releasing "Ghost Town" and "Only Lonely", Bon Evans continues to show the depth of his skill as a singer-songwriter with his latest track "Mallory" . Mallory is "a story about a troubled soul that anyone can relate to" is the way Bon explains it. "I want to connect on a real level with my fans.... I have faults, fears and failures in life, just as anyone else, but music is the one true release that allows us all to connect. My friends understand that music is now a part of me, and they support what I do. I am my music. I am always writing and releasing new songs and want to connect in every way to fans, musicians, writers and all that feel like they want to inspire and be inspired" Thanks Bon for being honest

First single "Ghost Town" uploaded!

Bon has spent the past few months writing and recording his own songs with the support of a co-operative of seasoned professional musicians and the recording engineers and production staff at Stay-in-Track Studio, Kingston, ON. The result is a collaborative, innovative way of writing music that challenges conventional genre classification. Bon says..." If it's music that makes you feel good, then that's the only genre that matters." We quite agree... Let us know what you think. Comments are welcomed as are friends!