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A Brief Update - 4/26/2012

Taken from the Smashy Claw mailing list:

Hey gang,

Once again, we have little to report here on the Smashy Claw mailing list, but still are attempting desperately to convey that we still exist. Per usual, I've attached a song for you to listen to, as thanks for sticking with this ol' email correspondence thing we've got going on. This one's another demo from FAWM 2012, it's called "Amygdala".

So, uh.... news, right... what to say, what to say. Oh, I've got a few!

- We're currently working on our debut album, we hope to start recording next month. - Austin ate a bunch of chocolate while on a diet, and feels awful now. - Nathan probably breathed or something, I don't know, he doesn't write these updates.

Until next month's mailing: try not to get dehydrated in the woods and start a war between a colony of mutant wolf-creatures.

- Austin