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Critical Domain v1.0.0

A new version of Critical Domain is in the works. Check out progress at http://www.applesandastronauts.com/ for details!

Most of the songs I upload in the next weeks will be for this game (ie: aboreal and lava planet)

Robbed at gunpoint during delivery

on Monday, the 21st, I was attacked by three men armed with semi-automatic pistols from behind during a delivery. I was pistol whipped, punched with the barrel of a gun in the face, and kicked repeatedly while I was down... all for $15. I ended up in the hospital with 2 cracked ribs and a nearly broken jaw.

Tonight I had to leave the job because my employer didn't think that I would have a problem delivering to the same street that I was robbed on, when most places would not have delivered to that area in the first place.

I need to get a new job, maybe I'll get lucky and this music thing could somehow take off...

Busy working and finding work...

I may have a new job soon, but I've been busy producing music and writing the source code for a new game called Critical Domain from the indie software group I'm attempting to start called Apples and Astronauts. Check us out every day for new songs from the game and updated details about Digital Ground Zero and A&A

Major Technical Problems

My network was hit with a worm that took out most of my data and required me to reinstall most of my computers. As a result today's show had to be cancelled. I hope to reschedule it soon.

Sunday's Show

at 2pm eastern time, I'll start the show up. The show will be streamed live via ustream http://ustre.am/agS8

3rd Degree Burns...

I was working on some circuitry today and in my fervor I managed to burn the crap out of my left pinky tip. I'm taking it easy and taking care of it, hopefully it will not effect Sunday's perfomance. The show must go on!

Broke #200 - Thanks to all!

After 3 days on Reverbnation, We've broken #200! I can't thank everyone enough for their support and I'll continue to produce new music. I'm hoping to shoot for a top 10 place in the Local & other section for my music. This won't be easy as Wilmington, De is lumped in with Philly and NJ, but after seeing the results so far, It's not impossible. In fact, I think it's VERY possible. If I reach the #1 position, There will be a special surprise for all of the people who sign up and fan me on Reverbnation!

Studio Update - Equipment Failures and Repairs

The laptop I use for my keyboard decided to completely bork itself where it mattered the other day, so I've spent the last 2 days getting everything back up to par so I can do the performance on Sunday. Everything's looking ok now, but it was touch-and-go for a while. In other news, I've acquired another pocket PC for my mobile computing.

Debut Album Update

I had to redo the track listing on The Island of Dr. Reddman, and am still waiting for that to be listed in my store. I should have everything complete for the physical copy by months end.

Debut Album - The Island of Dr. Reddman

Yesterday I put together my first full album called "The Island of Dr. Reddman". This album includes 16 songs and tells the story of genius gone awry. It's on sale now for $8 and $5 goes directly to the band so please check it out!