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March Happenings at Decadence HQ

Hello Everyone! This spring is shaping up to be really busy! And that's how we like it here at Decadence HQ! March 23rd, we had a wonderful experience recording at the Red Room Recording studio in Lake George, NY, as part of the One Mic- One Take contest. We are unveiling a new song, "Too Much Fun", which we are pretty excited about!! We hope you all like the track- and we will be uploading it as soon as we have the final mixes! April is full of great things- We are opening for the Stone Foxes (an awesome band from San Francisco) at the Westcott Theater in Syracuse, NY on April 7th! It was our first experience having our names on a concert ticket- and it's definitely something we are planning on seeing more often! We are embarking to Nashville again on April 20th to record at Ocean Way Studios on Music Row! We are so very excited to be working with Pat McMakin, who has engineered and developed many amazing artists (too many to list!), and we are scheduled to perform at Performing Writer with our good friends, Renee Wahl and DW Dasher! We love shows with friends- particularly when they are so much fun! We will be then going to Knoxville to record a music video with Close Shave Productions! We will be busy bees! In May, keep an eye out for shows in the Capital Region, and keep an eye out on the schedule! Stay tuned......:) We hope everyone is having a fantastic March, and don't forget to check out our video on Beat 100- where our new song, "The Price" is climbing the charts! You can vote daily by following the link! It's free- http://www.beat100.com/original-music-video-chart/watch/the-price_52706/

Thanks for being so supportive and amazing! :) Keep in touch with us!

Real Women Singing Real Music

Hi Everyone!! We are really excited to be releasing our album, "Love Loud" on June 29th, 2012. We really would love to see our fans in the flesh at our CD release party at the Copperfield Inn at 8 pm! For now, please enjoy our stream of "Empty All Your Lead." We've also made "All of the Cracks" and "Free, Right, 21" available for purchase and download at our ReverbStore. Thanks for checking us out, and we hope to see you soon! -Jen and Katy (Decadence)