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New Music

We have been working long hours getting our new material up to snuff, and it's starting to pay off. Expect a lot more new songs at our shows, as we try them out live! There is nothing quite like the anticipation leading up to playing a new riff in front of a live audience for the first time. That nerve wracking tension of "will we fuck it up?" or "will they like it?" really makes ya feel alive.

We hope to see you all in the pit soon. We can't wait for everyone to hear our new shit. which is harder, heavier, faster, and definitely more edgy than our older stuff. and just know that every day that passes in one more day closer to studio time...The Dox is coming, are you ready?

Pre Blown

The Insurrection CD Release party at The Knit on May 25th is gonna be huge! We are handing out free tickets like madmen! We can garuntee good music, Beer, and free shwag!

We have high hopes that this show is gonna be one hellova party. Even if you aren't into metal, you will still have a blast at this thing. We are pre blown and ready to go. We can't wait to see you all in the pit.


Success! Our first show back kicked ass! met some awesome dudes and played one hell of a show! Tell you what, The Shredder kicks ass! Can't wait to drop in their mini- halfpipe again! Downtown Brown, you always have a place to crash ya'all. Psychostick, you fuckers threw down! so glad i got to see your show!.

Untill next time -Ryan

Calm before the Storm

It's finally time, just a day away from our return to the Boise metal scene. Time Fucking flies when your planning it all out. No fucking around at first either, straight into the fire opening the show for touring bands! not only that But one of our all time favorite bands Psychostick!

We are locked, cocked, and ready to rock! This is going to be Fucking awesome!

Game Face

It's getting to that point, we can feel the energy in the air once more. There is a calm before the storm at the jam pad before rehearsals now. When you're band HQ is your home you get a new perspective. Once the amps are on and we are all warmed up, there is a ferocity that comes from the very depths of our beings and ravages everyone present. The music we make is just our raw energy translated into sounds and violent movement.

There comes a point where it all boils over, and through our music the entire audience just falls in to the groove that has overtaken the room. And we become this cohesive mass of human nature incarnate. Everyone moves to the music their own way, and everybody can't help but Rock the Hell Out!

That's what i feel during a Fault Paradox song. All i'm trying to do is make the listener feel that message and energy too.


Leaps and bounds

Everything is just coming together like crazy right now. we are booking the kind of shows we want to play. getting all of our merch and gear in order. It's a good feeling that the Dox will return with little effort. We knew that it would just be a matter of time, but we are truly suprised at how quickly it's all happening.

It's because we're fired up. We missed heavy fucking metal and everything that it stands for. We want to get on stage so bad. Can't wait! stay tuned everybody, We are about to go loud!

Fault Paradox is back!

Long story short, after takin' some much needed time off Fault Paradox is back! It's been too long! We've missed the stage, our friends, and our fellow rockers more than you can imagine!

We are all over the interwebs now too! Music is for sale on iTunes, Zune, Rhapsody, and a whole buttload more! new and awesome.

We are gonna do the official CD release party for Insurrection at the Knitting Factory Boise on May 25th. hit us up if you want a fuckton of free tickets to that by the way. Then It's off to eastern idaho to jam with our buddies the reptillians.

We are currently trying to book tons of shows to promote Insurrection, but we are also writing a new album that we hope to record sometime this fall! so Stick with us, it's gonna get heavy!

Glad to be back everybody, I'll see ya in the pit! -Ryan