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Driven Straight Is No More!!!!

The members of Driven Straight have gone separate ways. Check out Ron's new band Deafend Spirits!!! Like them on Facebook and check out the very new profile here at Reverb!

Our New Bassist!!

Mike Strand joins Driven Straight!! Looking forward to hitting the stage SOON!! Welcome Mike!!

They're Here!!

Check out the new music!

They're Coming!!!

We took the ambient samples off due to very low volume but have no fear!!! We hit the studio Tuesday and new stuff will be up late Tuesday night!!

We Are Complete!!

Driven Straight is happy to be a 5 person compliment again!! With bass, Ginger and Michelle, vocals completing the team. We will be tightening up the group and look forward to being back in the limelight late summer!! Don't be scared! Hit us back!!!

Good News/Bad News

Hey DSers! We have good news and bad news... Good news is we are appearing at Station 4, St. Paul on December 7th (I think that's good news). Bad news is Willie is no longer with us (no he didn't cack). He has gone to the Vicktrolas. Good luck Willie. Back to good news... We have a new energetic vocalist, Pwajdeur (Water)!! Bringing VERY fitting vocal styles and ideas. This is going to be KILLER!! Better come check him out!!

Fine Line Music Cafe

Fine Line is an incredible venue. Friendly staff and a great sound guy. Cudos to fellow bands Opium Symphony, Breathin Sand and Burn Fetish. What a night!!

Club Underground

Show went great!! Thank you to everyone for coming out! Also, thanks to Outlaw Saint, The Modern Throwbacks and Everything Human. Looking forward to a great show at The Fine Line on Tuesday!!

New Recordings!!

We spent some time in the studio last night and came back with some pretty rockin' tracks!