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Have a great Sunday to you all!

James (Designer J.T.S)

To Friends

I have been working hard all day on my SABfwear music store and more. Time to relax and go to bed. Have a great day!

James(Designer J.T.S)


I'm working on SABfashionwear fashion show big event for 2014@ Track26. Manager Jessica ask me about having a event there. I will meet with owner, Jessica and my partner Tomecka who handles my events. Sabwear music, my designs on shirts and my models walking the runway.


SABfwear Music Official Web Site coming soon in 2013, @ http://www.sabfwear.com Have a great week! By: James (Designer J.T.S)

SABfwear Music

In 2004- 2011, I finish all 5 clothing lines. In 2012, I decided to have a music track for my 5 clothing lines, club dancing, fashion show runways, just relaxing, and all events.