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New bass maestro!!

Had a fun second practice today with our new bass maestro Danny, (borrowed from 'Three Against Four'). He has written some groovy new basslines!!

Looking forward to coming out of the wolf cave and performing at our upcoming gig on Sunday 15th June, downstairs at Al Duomo's, 7 Pavillion buildings, (by the south entrance of Pavillion Gardens).

Organised by Small Revolutions, raising money for the Peoples Assembly Against Austerity.

Hope you can join us!!


Day Into Night

Just posted up our demo of 'Day Into Night' which we recorded a while back. Since recording and gigging we have changed the structure a bit, especially the ending. We hope to record all of our songs again at some point as they have all developed a little since playing them out live. Want to share these versions until then. Hope you enjoy. Ree x

First Gig!!

Had a grand time playing our first gig at The Hydrant last Friday. Organised by Red Eight Entertainment System. Looking forward to our next gig which is coming up Wednesday 24th April, at The Latest Music Bar, organised by ATM Afterdark. :)

Mixing in progress...

...busy mixing the 8 tracks we recently recorded. Can't wait to share them with you all. Just put up some photos of some of our writing/practice sessions from 2012...will hopefully start getting some pictures at gigs soon too x


We had fun recording 8 tracks the other day...once the mixing etc has been done we can finally share some of our music with you!! :)

And then came Eve!!

25/4/12: The universe found us Eve who brings Bass to this place! :)