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Jango Internet Radio

My original music has been heard 7,247 times (world wide) on Jango internet radio. That makes me smile ! Go check it out. Click the link - http://www.jango.com/music/Matthew+Howard?l=0 (thanks to Mike Cooper for mixing and mastering my tracks and thanks to Eric Hollandsworth for playing the keys. www.matthewhoward.tk

Jango Internet Radio

"File 7" & "1am" are being played on Jango internet radio. I love the fact that these songs are getting played in other countries. Just this month I have new listeners in the Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Canada, Korea, Manama, Mexico, Taiwan, Slovenia, Colombia, Thailand, Costa Rica, Israel, Chile, and Japan. A big thank you to Robb West for mixing these songs for me. : )

Rock Stars

Watching Led Zeppelin ... The song remains the same ...... We just dont have real rock stars any more.


Im now being played on Jango internet radio. Go check it out. It is a good feeling knowing my music is being played around the world. The new cd is still being worked on along with a new metal project with Mike Cooper. I will post samples soon. MH

A new cd

I have been working with a old friend in TN, to remix and master the songs from my cd "stringed conspiracy". Robb has been doing a great job. I will be adding some more songs and putting out a new cd in 2013. ; )

New Web Site / Amazon / New Video

The new website just went live. www.matthewhowardmusic.com

Amazon is now selling the new ep "Stringed Conspiracy"

Added a video for the song "file 7" to youtube.


Cd Update "Stringed Conspiracy"

I was in the studio all night working on the 3rd song of my new cd titled "Stringed Conspiracy". Things are coming along great. I will post sample clips of the new songs soon. The 1st song on the cd "file 7", sample clip has already been posted for you to check out. It is taking a little longer to record then normal, due to the fact I am doing all the writing, and playing all the instruments on these recordings. (but I love it)


Studio Time

Just spent Saturday & Sunday night in the bunker. (AKA - my home studio) I finished up the song titled "File 7". A sample of the rough mix is posted on my reverb nation for you guys to check out. Song two is 3/4 of the way done. That just leaves one more to go.

After these songs are finished they will be sent off for mastering / burning / printing.

Everything will be available for purchase on itunes, CDbaby, and reverb nation. Also there are plains for a website and more videos on youtube.

Check back for updates,